An interesting phrase, which often causes difficulties and brings up the doubts of many men, is the one related to the use by a woman of compliments with a double meaning . We refer specifically to that universe made up of jokes, allusions and more or less explicit provocations.

That said, let’s get to the point: is it possible to bring up the subject of sex in an ironic and/or malicious way? ABSOLUTELY! Is it possible to do it always? No, since there are situations in which it is easy to make jokes and malicious phrases and pungent compliments with double meanings , but they represent particular cases and in any case not “immediate” of an interaction. Otherwise, there is a risk of appearing inappropriately rude. What it would mean to lose points in the eyes of those in front of you

Never limit yourself, not even in the way you express yourself. But be smart and always measure your words well! 

Here is a compilation of the best compliments with double meanings that you can say to men at the right time:

Compliments for men with double meaning

  • I wanted those balls for my Christmas tree!
  • I was looking for the perfect man, but I like even your flaws.
  • For those who don’t know what they want, I have a sampler.
  • I’m not a dog, handsome, but I wouldn’t mind if you put me on a leash.
  • I have tickets to go out with me, if you want I’ll give you all of them. .
  • For such a chocolate I skip the diet!
  • If you were salsa I’d be soaking all day.
  • You are the perfect dessert for a romantic dinner.
  • If you go on a trip, do not forget to include me in your suitcase. 
  • If the jet sounds like that, what will the hose be like?
  • Who was olive for you to suck me to the bone.
  • With that face and that body I even choose you to be the father of my children .
  • Although it seems that you have poison, between my legs I have the antidote.
  • If you were ice cream I would eat you to the stick.
  • I invite you to eat handsome, I am the first course, the second and the dessert.
  • If being good is a sin, you have no forgiveness from God.

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  • Although your name is not Romeo, I assure you that I am your Juliet.
  • If you want to learn what pleasure is, I am your teacher.
  • Winter has begun beautiful, if you’re cold I’ll warm you up.
  • Seeing the nest, as the little bird should be.
  • If you were chocolate I would eat you whole!
  • You have more dust than my flip-flops from the beach.
  • Handsome! Every time I see you I forget to even breathe.
  • From the turns you’re giving in my head, you must be dizzy.
  • I wait for you in my bed, melon heart, with a smile on and without pants.
  • Your mother must have been a sculptor, because that ass is a work of art.
  • Pretty! Will you let me seek happiness with you?
  • There is only something prettier than you, the bonito of the north.
  • If what you show looks nice, I don’t want to imagine what you hide.
  • The little that warms the sun and the warmth that your presence gives me!
  • They say that sugar is addictive, I’m hooked on the honey on your lips!
  • Starting with your hair and ending with your butt, I would eat your entire body.
  • If you like happiness, I have one here for your body! Handsome! 
  • If I already like you with what I see, I don’t want to imagine myself with what you have hidden. 
  • You’re wearing beautiful clothes, but they would look better on the floor in my room.
  • You are a public health problem pretty, those lips cause addiction.
  • Let’s see if summer comes because so many clothes don’t suit you. 
  • Something is missing in my bed and that something is you.
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