Somos casi esclavos de esta era tecnologica y sus maneras, los mensajes de texto, los tiempo de respuesta y los ‘tonos’que le ponemos, se han convertido una forma nueva de interpretar el amor.

Hay ciertas cosas a las que una mujer inteligente jamas se presta cuando el no le contesta un mensaje. Si algo podemos agradecer a los dispositivos moviles es la inmediatez y conveniencia de su uso, pero a la vez esa misma cualidad nos mal acostumbra.

Con solo escribir un par podemos comunicar nuestros deseos, miedos, enojos y necesidades sin la necesidad de estar en tiempo real con la persona en cuestion.

Hasta ahi suena todo bonito y maravilloso, pero como siempre, hay un PERO y no todo es color de rosas. El asunto con este tipo de comunicacion surge cuando la falta de contacto directo pasa a ser la excusa perfecta para evadir o ignorar a las personas y en ocasiones, nos escudamos en tras nuestras pantallas para evitar la confrontacion de nuestros problemas o emociones.

It may even seem exaggerated, but today, the simple fact that a person does not respond to a text message communicates more than if they were talking face to face. So this is one of the main reasons for disputes and misunderstandings between couples, the lack of immediate feedback causes us frustration, anger and misunderstanding of intentions and motives, that is why text messages are wonderful, but they can also be very ambiguous and have a negative impact on a relationship.

With all this, it has become common for people to evaluate others according to the way in which we receive a response to the messages we send, especially to our partners.

When we send a “good morning”, “I love you” or simply want to locate the person for a specific reason, we get angry if we don’t get an immediate response, a situation that often causes a bigger conflict than it should. We forget that both men and women have always had a different style of communication, therefore the digital world is no different.

Therefore, it is important that you take into account the following points to handle this situation in the best way.

1.- An intelligent woman evaluates the problem objectively and does not instantly despair

He keeps a cool head and sees the matter with the seriousness that they really have. If it affects you so much that the other person does not answer or does not communicate honestly via text, even if they do not have anything specific to talk about, you should try to understand that many people are not so in tune with being with the cell phone in their hand all day, and that if they respond to you in a curt way it is because they have fulfilled many times, which you interpret as reluctant or that they are upset, then consider the possibility that the lack of fluid communication is not personal to you.

2.- He is never insistent with the messages

If you send a message in the nicest way and he doesn’t respond, takes too long, or just doesn’t respond as expected, then just don’t insist. Do not fall into the ridiculousness of setting up a scene in writing that often goes unanswered. Sometimes men act like this because they don’t want to be pressured and your dear friend, you deserve better than begging someone who isn’t interested in talking to you. If it’s something urgent you could communicate by other means, if you just want to start a conversation and you don’t have an answer, maybe it’s best to let it go and then ignore it.

3.- Do not draw hasty conclusions

Remember that we talked about the ambiguity and the infinite possibilities that the exchange of text messages can have. If he doesn’t respond quickly or you usually initiate conversations, don’t immediately assume he’s not interested. Time to time, follow your intuition and do not pay so much importance to your whatsapp, real life happens on the other hand. Evaluate the relationship by your face-to-face encounters.

4.- Never say what bothers you through text messages

Doing these can cause a lot of misunderstandings because they sometimes seem to communicate the opposite of what we want. When you have differences, it is best to talk in person and never through this means, because you are only going to make the problem worse, besides, you are not confronting the problem head-on and this, over time, becomes a terrible habit that will bring you more pain than glory.

5.- Just don’t give it more attention than it deserves

We have to accept that many times we drown in a glass of water, we think about it too much and always assume the worst. It is necessary to take things lightly and not allow emotions to cloud our brains.

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