ACCORDING TO TANTRA, TO ACHIEVE THIS WITH YOUR PARTNER, IT IS FIRST NECESSARY TO MAKE LOVE TO YOURSELF AND THEN REACH THE MAXIMUM EXPLORATION Knowing, feeling and enjoying an orgasm should be considered a pleasure in life, not only because of the passion and ecstasy that makes you feel, but for what it allows you to know about your body and above all because you can explore your sexuality and that of your partner, taking you to an indescribable degree of satisfaction. We know that there are several types of orgasms and today we will talk about the “cosmic” one, which is achieved from the stimulation of the sexual areas through caresses, oral sex, masturbation, or penetration. However, the cosmic orgasm is as powerful as its name, a true explosion of erotic ecstasy. To make it,

According to Tantra, to achieve this with your partner, you first need to make love to yourself. This channeling of energy is achieved through the control or retention of ejaculation that will lead to a prolonged orgasm as the sensitivity of the body is enhanced. How do we do it?

1.- Yoga

Believe it or not, yoga and meditation exercises are a great tool to achieve it since it allows you to understand the connection between the body and the mind, so that you reach a full awareness of your existence.

2.- Breathing
It is essential in this practice because you have to learn to synchronize with your partner. For this, it is recommended to do breathing exercises, such as facing each other, hugging and breathing in unison for five minutes.

3.- Stay still

Your partner must penetrate you and leave the penis immobile. So how is it supposed to stimulate? Easy: the penis and the vagina have their own movement, so the pulsations they have are a kind of soft caress inside, because in addition, the vaginal walls “suck” it, achieving a unique stimulation. Do this exercise for 30 minutes. Eye: remember that there should not be any ejaculation, so if they feel that it is coming, they should perform the aforementioned breathing exercises.
4.- Keep eye contact with your partner:

It sounds as cute as it is obvious, but it is true that keeping your gaze when you are in bed with your boyfriend can lead you to the most intense sexual experiences. One of the fastest ways to increase sexual pleasure is to look into another person’s eyes. It’s no use looking with the sherk kitty eyes you use when you want me to grant you some whim. We are talking about your most sensual look!
5.-Feel the skin:
One of the most important points of tantra is to explore the sensuality of your partner through games and caresses on their bodies, this may be the key to reaching orgasm. Of course, you must be completely focused on what you are doing for it to work.

6.- Be aware of your sensations:

Tantra not only improves the physical part of your relationships. It is, above all, a boost to emotional and sensory experience too: it means you must taste, touch, see, smell and hear. We all know that when we lose one of our senses, the others tend to sharpen. This idea can be applied to tantric sex.

7. -Enjoy the moment:

Tantric sex is not based only on reaching orgasm. In fact, it is more like tasting, touching, seeing, smelling and hearing what your partner wants and with these achieve a higher level of satisfaction in your relationship. According to some experts, the problem for many women is that we put too much emphasis on the end result, on reaching orgasm, and often neglect the fun and pleasure that comes from getting there. And tantric sex is, without a doubt, the most fun way to achieve it. 100% guaranteed.

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