When the relationship is new, of course everything is more pleasant in sexual relations, but let me ask you one thing, have you thought about how you would experience sex as the years go by? Will it become something routine, practiced more out of habit and necessity than for pleasure? Sometimes we are not even aware that by faking too much excitement we can spoil a moment as beautiful as being intimate with your partner. But why risk it? Put that aside and try to find a way around sex with new strategies.

Ellen Barnard, sex educator and owner-founder of  Woman’s Touch , a sex education center in the United States, says: “Many times, having sex with new things can add a little more excitement and spontaneity.” Here the key, in a few words, is to give it a touch of something different, but don’t break your head trying to devise very laborious strategies either.

Experts on the subject agree that it is not necessary to experiment or acquire extreme devices for sex, with simple but innovative things you can calmly achieve that your partner reaches a high point of excitement and pleasure. Here we leave you some simple games that will be very helpful when you want to spend a nice moment with your partner. (Keep reading)

Start the fire with a chat

Have you ever heard the word “sexting”? It basically consists of combining sex with sending text messages. Barnard talks about this technique and mainly suggests avoiding terms that can suddenly make you shy, choosing ways to communicate your intentions while making yourself seem like an innocent person. For example: “Just so you know, now I’m wearing that dress in the color you like so much, to make you imagine the underwear I’m wearing, so start thinking about what will happen when we’re together.”

You must be inspired by a vacation

It’s true that vacations don’t happen very often, let’s say once or twice a year. Having sex on vacation that you take is really something very pleasant, but… don’t you think it’s too much to wait until you have a vacation to experience a different intimate relationship? The truth is that you can have the sex that you have had on your vacations also in your day to day. To get to feel the same sensation, you must place yourself in a mental situation similar to the one you have spent on your vacation. To achieve that, the ideal is to free yourself from things that can distract you. A valid option is to rent a hotel room to spend the night or choose another place, since the idea is to put aside what you see in your daily routine.

Relive your most beautiful moments

Sharing fantasies is something that may sound simple and fabulous at the same time, but the reality is that when it comes to putting them into practice, it may not sound that way. Or does your partner know what you would do if you had an actor to call your attention in your bed? You will not ask your partner that either, so focus on living fantasies with the person you have with you. Cohen recommends starting to share those hot and exciting moments you’ve had together in years past. The ideal is that it does not pass as one more moment, but that from time to time it serves as a reason to fan the flame of passion. (Keep reading)

Make lubricant your ally

In general, women who use water-based or silicone-based lubricants generally experience a higher level of pleasure and sexual satisfaction than those who do not use them. This data was revealed by the University of Indiana, which conducted a study with an amount of 2,500 women. It is advisable to have them on hand, so before starting the game, you should already have your lubricant near you, so that you can continue without interruptions. Barnard suggests you apply it or have him apply it to you during foreplay.

Another similar way to play can be with scented oils. In general, this element is used to perform massages, it is recommended to massage the shoulders, gently go through the back, massage the sides and buttocks. Later, letting the hands slide to go where they have to, that will make the scene even more exciting.

On the sofa you can also

Do not only use the bed for erotic moments with your partner, you can look for different places but almost as comfortable, as is the case of doing it on the sofa. Do not use the excuse of staining the sofa, once they are sitting and they begin to add more romance to the moment, you can climb on top of him, standing in front of him on his knees. That way you can start moving back and forth as you kiss him to stimulate the clitoris at the same time. That can turn into something incredibly pleasant. (Keep reading)

Try open windows

Doing it with open windows and closing the curtains is something that can also be very erotic. The gentle breeze on your skin or the risk that the neighbors will hear your moans can be very exciting. Or if you want you can even take your partner to a slightly more open place, since the adrenaline rush due to the minimal possibility of being caught, can also be something extremely exciting for both of you.

ice cubes

Many experts say that ice cubes can raise the temperature of any meeting. This is because making contact with the ice stimulates a part of the nervous system, in charge of arousal. Generally this test is done by sliding an ice cube over each part of the body. But if your partner begins to laugh, you should not be discouraged either, since sex is about that, fun and pleasure.

scratch my head

This can also stimulate your partner, as the scalp contains millions of nerve endings. The contact between your partner’s scalp and your fingers can produce hormones such as oxytocin. Frankly, the massage is not directly related to sex, but due to the pleasure it produces, it can be an action that opens the door to a long moment of games, pleasure and a lot of excitement with your partner.

tell what you love

Sometimes we think that it could be something practically irrelevant, but talking to the partner, telling him with a certain sensuality that you love what he is doing to you, helps a lot to excite us even more, for example, saying “it turns me on when you kiss me, when you touch me the thighs…” These types of actions can ignite the moment even more. On the other hand, talking to your partner about what you do will also help neither of you get distracted and focus more and more on that moment of pleasure. (Keep reading)

Try new moves


For these cases, the Kamasutra can provide us with interesting advice. So that the moment is always pleasant, the ideal is not to have a list of only two or three positions, it would be necessary to have a fairly varied amount so that sex is always lived in a different way. But if you are looking for a tremendously exciting technique, try Coital-Technical Alignment (known as ATC). Many studies agree that this technique invariably leads to orgasm. How to do it? Start in missionary position, then have the man move down while you move up, as the main idea is maximum clitoral stimulation.

Also play the extension

Once you’ve finished the main part, that’s where the interesting part begins. Being already excited, certain movements can be much more exciting, you can even start trying some games or toys that have always caught your attention. In any case, the idea is always to have the best time.

Always try to make your sexual life more and more pleasant, never run out of ideas to have a good time. You have already seen that simple things can greatly stimulate the couple so have a good time!

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