When saying the word: masturbation, self-stimulation and sexual satisfaction alone come to mind immediately, we are not wrong, but did you know that you can include this practice when you are with a partner, giving sex a very pleasant seasoning.

There are many taboos and prejudices around masturbation, especially when one is in a relationship, it is thought that since one already has someone to have sex with, one should forget about this practice.

Discovering our partner masturbating affects our self-esteem and makes us feel insecure because the first thing we think is that we are not being enough for the other person, that there is something wrong with us and that there is a problem in the relationship.

Masturbating is having a sexual relationship with oneself and only in the event that there was no sex with a partner could it be a factor of concern, but not because of the masturbation itself, but because of the lack of intimacy with the other person.

But in the event that sex in the couple is diminished or directly no longer there if it could be a factor of concern, but not because of the masturbation itself, but because of the lack of intimacy with the other person

Masturbation not only gives us pleasure, it helps us to eliminate physical and emotional tensions, so there may be times when it is preferred to do it alone, since by not having the pressure of the couple, it promotes self-knowledge and turns it into a very useful tool to work any sexual difficulty.

Another very common thought is that masturbation decreases sexual performance, and the desire to “do it” with someone, I would say that more than a thought it is a myth because it can be an alternative to solve when the couple’s sexual rhythms are different .

One way to incorporate masturbation in the couple is as a preamble to sexual intercourse.

Here are some tips on how to do it:

· First alone, then together.

Masturbate alone before doing it with your partner. Experimenting with our body is the best way to get to know ourselves and to know what gives us the most pleasure and will allow you to discover which areas of your body react better to certain stimuli. Take advantage of what you learned with yourself and it will be easier for you to share it with your partner later

· Do it together but separately.

What does this mean? That while one masturbates the other observes, basically this is what it consists of.

Observing our partner in the task of giving each other pleasure can help you as an observer learn how to stimulate it, without having to have any dialogue that can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable, seeing it live is much more effective as a learning method.

Masturbating in front of the partner until reaching orgasm causes very high levels of excitement to be reached on both sides, maintaining a high sexual desire is absolutely necessary to have a quality life as a couple.

That kind of voyeurism that will bring sexual satisfaction for both, the pleasure caused by seeing the partner enjoying touching each other will make you want to break the barriers of shame and become accomplices in search of pleasure, please, try it!

So if it turns out that it is because of shame that you are missing out on this enjoyment, a piece of advice that could help is for both of you to masturbate at the same time, doing it in an environment with dim lighting, or with little clothing, getting excited looking at your partner.

You can increase the temperature even more by inviting the other to caress you and showing him how to do it, you can continue with penetration or with a good oral sex session. Simultaneous stimulation is very exciting, due to the complicity that is generated in that moment of intimacy. That he touches you, kisses, caresses and rubs her clitoris and breasts and that she does the same with the testicles, the perineum and the penis in a kind of exploration is extremely exciting.

Accompany that moment with caresses and kisses in strategic areas, for example, behind the ear with a touch of the lips behind, while you whisper, kisses that go down his neck to his shoulder.

Dressage is a pleasurable sexual position in which she spreads her legs wide and leaves her partner’s penis in front of her to masturbate him with her hand, while he can stimulate her breasts or reach her clitoris with his hand.

One of the best ways to give the gentleman pleasure is to use a lubricant on your hands, and then place them firmly around his penis, without pressing too much, holding its base with one hand, and the tip with the other, so that the contact cover the entire member. Turn your hands in opposite directions, that is, one to the right and one to the left, and simultaneously move them up and down. Another way is by moving your hands in the opposite direction, one up and the other down. You can alternate between long and intense movements and other shorter and softer ones, and play with the rhythm.

Pleasure for her, she also uses lubricant, to prevent chafing and the sexual act does not end up being a painful experience, stimulates the clitoris, alternating circular movements with displacements up and then down, until reaching the opening of the vagina.

Caresses the clitoris during penetration, this is very stimulating for women. The upper left area of ​​the clitoris has a greater number of nerve endings, so we suggest you caress it first, and then continue with the right side.

When we are in a couple what we are looking for is not to fall into the routine and have fun. Keep in mind that the activity that we want to carry out for that we must do it responsibly and with love towards the other. Knowing how to masturbate your partner and enjoying it can be very positive at the level of relationships.

Don’t wait any longer to put all these tips into practice. Nobody is born knowing and it is the practice that makes you obtain better and better results. With an open mind and sense of humor it will be a success. Cheer up! Get going now and enjoy!

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