There is nothing more striking than long hair exuding softness, volume and shine in a woman and when it comes to appearing to others, hair is also a very important letter of introduction. And the desire of most women is to wear long hair and above all that it grows quickly.

But we have all heard him say this phrase hundreds of times: “If you want your hair to grow faster and healthier, cut the ends from time to time.”

But the truth is that cutting the ends does NOT make the hair grow faster. We too were a bit disappointed when we found out.

According to hairdressing experts, hair grows what it has to grow, about 1.5cm each month depending on the type of hair and how it is stimulated from the scalp. Having shorter or longer hair and better or worse ends does not influence greater hair growth.

We have discovered that cutting the ends to make hair grow faster is more myth than truth.

But this does not mean that you do NOT have to cut the ends.

That we have dismantled a myth does not mean that you have to dispense with the classic “tip cut” every so often. If not the opposite. It is fair and necessary that you continue to comply with this ritual because by removing the damaged ends you will achieve a mane with more strength, volume and body.

As we have already said, cutting the ends does not accelerate the speed of growth, but it is beneficial for the health of the mane.

Why is it beneficial for hair health?

Your mane won’t grow 10cm in a month after cutting the ends, we already know that, but refreshing them will have a good impact. Among all the elements that slow down growth, the first are dry and split ends: these go up to the hair fiber and slow down growth.

Do you think you can remove them without going through the hairdresser? NOT! …once they are open, it is too late, they have to be cut. Snip the ends will not make them grow faster, but if you have them well treated and cared for, you will get the hair to grow as much as it can normally. Sounds good, right?

What do the experts say about this?

Wella’s scientific expert Maria Castan clarifies it for us: The rate of hair growth is biologically determined.

“Shorter hair or, better yet, freshly cut hair often looks and feels thicker, but the reality is that cutting hair doesn’t alter its biologically determined rate of growth, much less its texture or thickness.

The thickness, texture and length of hair are characteristics that are determined by genes, and a haircut cannot alter our genetic code.

In addition to this, the hair grows at the root of the scalp, so cutting the ends will not have any impact on growth”

“As hair grows from the root, therefore it is very important to take care of the scalp so that the hair grows healthy and fast.” Therefore, for hair to grow stronger and faster, it is essential to take care of the scalp with specific treatments and shampoos that help keep it clean, detoxified, free of impurities, silicones and traces of contamination.

How often do you have to cut your hair?

Establishing a universal frequency is not easy, since it depends on how the hair is cared for, the use made of dryers and irons and the nature of the hair, the convenience of doing it is approximately every 2 months.

“Depending on the hair and the size you want to maintain. What needs to be cut is dictated by the shape of the hair as it grows to create a cohesive look.”

Advantages of cutting the ends of the hair from time to time.

· The hair will look much more beautiful and will be easy to comb, or what is the same, strong hair, with volume and body.

· You will avoid having split, dry or damaged ends, something that translates into healthy, strong and full of vitality hair.

· And no, there is nothing to repair split ends without resorting to scissors.

· The tips in perfect condition give a plus of movement to the mane.

Tricks to make hair grow fast.

There are no miracles, but there are good habits to obtain and maintain healthy and radiant hair:

1. Wash your hair just enough, neither more nor less. Do it with the shampoo according to your hair type and massage with the fingertips to activate the blood circulation of the scalp.

2. Never sleep with wet hair, the only thing you will achieve is that it weakens.

3. Keep your hair, from root to tip, as well cared for as you can.

4. Always follow a healthy and balanced diet. Hair must be cared for inside and out.

5. Do not abuse the use of dryers and hair straighteners.

6. The cut is an effective solution against dryness and is the most effective way to stimulate the growth of your hair.

7. When you go to wash your hair, you should brush it first, in this way you will distribute the fat from the roots to the ends. Believe it or not, it is the most appropriate way to take care of the cuticles and avoid knots.

8. You should also protect it from the sun, just as prolonged exposure to the sun happens with the skin, it weakens the hair, causing it to fall out and break. To protect your hair, look for a styling cream that contains sunscreen.

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