You accidentally deleted a photo and you thought that you could not recover it, do not suffer anymore, here we leave you the solution, you thought that those prohibited photos that you deleted, nobody else could see them, let me tell you that you are totally wrong, those photos are not totally deleted from your cell phone and there is a way to recover them, so if you have something to hide, be very careful.


This can help you to recover memories that you thought were lost or simply discover an infidelity, if you apply it to someone else’s phone, so be careful.

No software is infallible, but there are various tools and functions that allow you to solve a case of accidental or intentional deletion of a screenshot, if you have a Dropbox account or some other virtual storage system, it is most likely that you can find one there. copy of the photos.

On the other hand, if you use the Google Photos app, everything should be easier, when you open it, you have to tap on the icon of the lines, located in the upper left, so that a menu is displayed, there it will appear the Trash option, where the deleted photos and videos will be, the issue is that they are only there for 60 days, until they are permanently deleted.

To recover them, you have to select them and then, with a tap on the icon of the points in the upper right, it will be possible to restore them, if you do not have a Google account, then the recovery task must be done in another way, and fastest possible.


It is best to use an application specialized in photo recovery, some are to recover photos from a memory card and are used from a computer, others are directly installed on the mobile device and used from there, many current computers have a slot for reading memory cards, a useful resource to carry out this recovery task, if this option is not available, the alternative is to connect a USB adapter or a card reader.


For both PC and Mac, this application allows you to recover all types of files from an Android device or SD card. You just have to install it, connect the device or card to the computer and then choose the type of file you want to recover, all the images found will be displayed, so the search for the photos you want to recover can take a long time.


This free application searches all the files that the memory card has, through two search levels, one normal and another in depth, the first one is faster, but it may not find everything you need, the second one can reach take a little longer, but you will find everything, then you simply have to select the desired photos and press recover, it is convenient to put the photos in a folder on the computer. It works for both PC and Mac.


In the first place, it is convenient to turn off the Wi-Fi and data connection of the Smartphone, since we are, also the synchronization of files and backup copies, when a photo or any data is deleted, in reality it is not really eliminated from the storage unit until it is written again in that same sector, and this is something that happens when the phone has all the mentioned options active. In the case of a more modest model, it is possible to search the device and find the file or files in question, for this it is convenient to have an application that allows you to search the phone folders as if it were a computer, tracking the files in their respective folders.



This free app does a complete search of the entire Smartphone in about ten minutes, depending on the number of photos that are stored, that is, it mixes the deleted ones with the others, so you have to look closely, it allows you to sort them by size or type of file, what you get is not the original size photo, but a copy in a lower quality format.


It is a virtual recycle bin, all deleted files will end up there, before being removed from the face of the Smartphone once and for all when emptied, the app should be installed before starting to delete photos or any other type of file, it allows you to see a preview of the deleted images before recovering them definitively, it is free, but it comes with ads.


An easy-to-use app, with an elegant design that allows you to recover photos that have been deleted even before the application itself has been installed, it recovers images from both the Smartphone and an SD memory card, one of the cons is that Sometimes it will be necessary to save the rescued photo several times before it is fully recovered.


Search and find the deleted files that have remained in the Smartphone’s cache memory, it does a much more complete and deep job if you have root permissions, something that for a common user can be complex.


It recovers the images both from the phone memory and from the SD card, it has a very simple interface to use, it is free (always a plus point) and it scans the entire device to find the image files, yes, it takes your time to search and find the photos.


With a lot of work, search and find the deleted images that are even in the most recondite of the Smartphone and that perhaps we do not even remember having taken or deleted at some time, you can also recover the deleted photos from the email, all this wisdom, of course, causes the search process to be quite slow

The tools are always there, it’s up to you how to use them!

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