Many women, of different ages, have wondered at some point how to make a man fall in love. The answer to that question is not easy and although there is no 100% infallible system, it has been shown that certain psychological techniques work and make the chances of falling in love with the man you like increase exponentially.

In this article, my friend Diana tells you about her experience with the book Melt It with Love so that it may inspire you and not make the same mistakes as her.

Love hurts especially when, after having imagined that the script of the story would have a happy ending, as happens in so many movies, reality sends a different message in the form of heartbreak or rejection that really hurts.

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  • 1 My heartbreak story
  • 2 How did the Melt with Love book help me?
  • 3 What is the plot of Melt it with love, a book to make a man fall in love?

My heartbreak story

That is what happened to me. My name is Diane . And some time ago, after suffering a sentimental disappointment , I realized that that story had affected my self- esteem.

In a way, I got stuck in what happened by continuing to ask myself “ why hadn’t I been lucky in this relationship? ”.

My best friends told me that they didn’t see me happy but I kept dating someone who, more than certainties, caused me many doubts about what he felt for me. In some moments I thought that what I felt for me was nothing more than friendship. Her words confused me with beautiful messages.

And, despite that, on many other occasions the opposite situation occurred. Actually, I felt the emotional drain of giving much more than I was receiving in this story.

For example, I was hurt by those promises that, finally, were forgotten because the meaning that I gave to his words was not the same that he showed in his actions.

The events evolved in such a way that the initial illusion was transformed, little by little, into a deep disappointment that began to affect me beyond this particular story.

For example, I had a hard time concentrating when studying, I didn’t feel like meeting my friends and I was spending more and more time at home. I knew that I had to distance myself from this boy to forget him definitively.

Maybe in the future we could be friends, but then I wasn’t ready to just be his friend .

Those expectations that I created for myself by magnifying those details that gave me hope, made that moment not come definitively.

Sometimes, I distanced myself for a while and it took several days to respond to his messages. But, finally, he heard that illusion again and the situation continued like this for longer than it would have been necessary.

I had received a lot of advice from my best friends who told me what they thought was best for me. They advised me to stop meeting him for a while because that would help me stop suffering.

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How did the Melt with Love book help me?

Reading a book helped me think about what was happening to me when I was devoting so much attention to a man who was not in the same place as me.

The book Melt My Love written by Noelia Sandoval helped me reflect on love from a very important point of view: I realized that I needed to strengthen my self-confidence .

It was a book that I discovered by chance while browsing the internet . With a very affordable price and with the guarantee that it offered you a return in 60 days, I did not think about it and bought it . It was the best decision I could ever make.

I really enjoyed reading this book in pdf as it is very easy to read and contains very interesting ideas about relationships and seduction.

When I finished reading the book and all the bonuses that make up the package, I discovered a simple and very effective method with which I could make a man fall madly in love with me.

From that moment on, I tried to dedicate more time to myself to overcome the sadness I had experienced, knowing that, at some point, I would get excited again. I was not in a hurry for that to happen, the most important thing for me then and now is to be happy .

What is the plot of Melt it with love, a book to make a man fall in love?

It is a self-help book to fall in love with the man you like , it is a work that offers practical guidance to arouse the interest of that special person.

The author of the book, Noelia Sandoval , has studied male psychology for a long time and in this work she shares tips on seduction through a method that you will discover when you start reading this book.

Reading the book I realized that I didn’t need to be the most stunning woman or have the best body to totally make that special person fall in love with me. It helped me value myself more as a woman , accept myself and not feel disappointed for who I am.

Over time, I also fell in love again . And the story, then, was different because I felt more sure of myself and of what I wanted. I didn’t make mistakes again that I had made before, something I learned from reading this book.

Currently , Noelia Sandoval’s book continues to be of help to me since it not only focuses on helping us fall in love with our ideal man, but also teaches us a good way to build a strong relationship that continues to grow over time.

In short, I want you to know that finding this book was undoubtedly a great fortune and I will always be grateful to Noelia for having written it and making it available to anyone.

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