Some synonyms are: The “kills illusions”, the “discouragers”, the “crushes dreams”, the “destroys illusions”, among others.

We refer to those who destroy the illusions of people. They are people who, thanks to having a great “social intelligence”, can almost always appear very well to be very “good” people, but beware! You are facing a person who will only protect himself.

There is nothing more dangerous and harmful to our lives than these people, because, among other things, it is difficult for us to realize that they are not good people and that, in fact, they are harming us. They handle situations in such a way that we can come to believe that they can be taking care of us or protecting us.

How to notice that you are with someone like that?

You will be able to notice it, first, because they are people who are never happy, who always disagree with everything. They always have something to complain about.

They are people who may have a thousand wishes, but who do absolutely nothing to achieve them. In response, they live off others and it doesn’t cost them much to feel sorry for them.

Another thing they do is that they are always there to remind you that they are not the bad guys, but that the bad guys are the ones who are by your side. That is, they blame others, those who really do love you. Because, internally, they cannot bear that you are happy and that you are doing well. Well, they can not more than envy. In addition, these situations hurt their ego, since they think that everything good that happens to you should have happened to them first. It should be noted that the good things that happen to you, you deserve because you are a genuinely good person. However, according to them, what should have happened to them.

Watch out! They are infected by a virus that kills illusions. Through conversations, in which you tell them about your hopes or dreams, they are capable of blurring them, gradually taking away their strength and also, through questions, which seem innocent (but are not) they are asking that your dream loses its meaning. It goes without saying that this type of person is harmful to the soul, so we must be very careful with them and protect our dreams.

In this regard, if these types of people are your “friends”, they are generally the ones who pull you down. They will always be telling you, others and everyone, what according to them you are doing wrong, even if no one has asked for their opinion and, furthermore, they do not have studies on the matter, that they endorse them. They are not afraid to tell you hurtful comments, such as: emphasizing what you do wrong in your job, that the work you do is worthless, that nobody cares, that you are just wasting time or warming up the seat, among others. That is, they tell you comments that are not really constructive, that can discourage you and that might make you feel, for a moment, that you cannot fulfill your dreams. But if you can, you are fully capable of overcoming the obstacles along the way,

You will always be able to find yourself in the situation of being criticized by someone, while you work, fight to see your illusions and dreams come true, do something that you like, that satisfies you, where you help others, bring happiness and enjoy it.

Do you see the difference in the approach to life?

The destroyer of illusions, he is emphasizing everything you do wrong, he is thinking about everything he does not like. Sometimes, he will try to highlight his own status, making you look bad, thinking that only what he does is right, that everything you can do on your own will always be wrong. Many times, to keep you close, they can appear to tell you with “good intentions”, but as we have already mentioned here, they are selfish people, who only do it to cover up a wound they have in their ego.

It destroys illusions, they only speak well of others with the intention of making you feel bad through comparison with you or with what you have done. For example, they can tell you how well something is done and then emphasize everything that, according to them, you did not do or did wrong.

When they speak ill of others, it is to realize that they supposedly know more than others and that they always know how to do things better. Despite not having any professional title, course, work experience or study, which guarantees such knowledge superior to the rest.

We are not going to get tired of warning about these bad people, because they can even end up destroying not only your illusions, but also yourself (the bearer of the illusions). So be careful, in case you suspect someone like that is hanging around you.

They are also characterized by having little empathy with respect to others, so they may enjoy seeing you suffer or seeing you get depressed with their comments.

Another of their manipulations is not letting you stand out in anything, because they want to be the first figure in everything, even when you have earned a moment of attention with some personal achievement or because they are special dates for you.

They will try to distance you from other people, from your friends who have always supported you and from your family. Since anyone who wishes to help you will be judged as someone who influences you negatively.

All the people who want to help you are a threat to the relationship that these people are used to building. Where they are above you, criticizing you, judging you, breaking your illusions, etc. But that is only possible if you are without other people. So in general, for their plan to work, they do everything to be able to separate you and leave you alone. Thus, you become a more vulnerable and insecure person, which is essential for their plan, keep your eyes open and shield your soul against them.

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