At first, when we start a relationship, everything seems perfect, we feel that our partner understands us, that nothing is going to separate us, that everything is going well. As we move forward with our relationship, we glimpse and overcome certain conflicts. During this article we want to talk to you about the conflict that is generated when your partner is a priority in your life and you do not hesitate to show it, but you are not sure or sure that you are a priority for your partner. Perhaps based on their attitudes, you may believe that you are their priority, however, it may be that at times you doubt and many times you end up wondering if you are a priority for your partner.

It is common that in the first months of the relationship, couples are involved in a strong attraction and consequently, they tend to spend a lot of time together. However, after a few months, it is normal for both to begin to balance their life as a couple with other obligations: work, social and family. Which means that couple time has to start being shared or diminished. However, if we are not sure if we are still a priority for our partner, is it due to personal factors? Does it have to do with the relationship? Or with our partner? Below we present certain criteria to know if we are or not, a priority for our partner.

Are you their priority?

We are defining that being someone’s priority is about being with a person who values ​​you and who takes you into account for their life plans, for example, who invites you to the trips they plan to take, who includes you in activities with your friends or family, among others. That is to say, it does not mean that that person stops living his life to dedicate himself to you, remember that both of them had a complete life before forming this relationship and that now, this relationship comes to complement their life, not to quarter it or to force them to make changes. what they don’t want to do.

We all hope to build a healthy relationship, by this we mean that both should have the same value, that the opinions or decisions of both should have the same weight, so that they can make decisions together and grow as a couple. If you feel like an option of your partner, and your partner is your priority, maybe it’s time to take into account how much this situation matters to you and decide if you want to face this inequality and lack of reciprocity and thus, see what they do with your couple about it. Keep in mind that through this conversation, you may come to the conclusion that your partner does not want to go as far as you in the relationship.


It is normal that when one is very much in love, they want to spend as much time as possible with the other. However, it is important that after the time of attraction, you begin to have a balance, where the time you spend with your partner is compatible with all the rest of your roles, activities and obligations. You have to spend time with your family, friends and have time for yourself. You will know that you are the priority of your partner, when he is not on you all the time and allows you a personal balance with respect to how much time you dedicate to your relationship.


Your partner should know how to make you feel special, with small details, not necessarily material, but that shows that he knows you and that he knows what you will appreciate. It can be a message or a massage when you are tired from work. They are small actions that steal your heart, where you see that it is proactive, that it surprises you and that always makes you feel happy and comfortable.


One of the duties that your partner should have is to worry about how you are. Not only as a couple, but as a friend and partner. He should be by your side, support you and worry about how you are. Even if he is not physically present, he should worry about making you feel his support at all times regardless of the magnitude of the problem. Even if you have a lot of work or obligations, you should always make time to see if you need anything.

Now that we have already exposed certain criteria to know if you are a priority for your partner, it is time to think, what will you do with this information? Remember that being with someone who does not value you in the same way, has as a consequence the lack of reciprocity and over effort on your part to maintain the relationship. Then maybe you should ask yourself if you want to continue in a relationship like this.

We advise you not to do it in these conditions, due to the suffering you can go through, being in a situation like this can affect your mood, your self-esteem, cause frustrations, you may even have the feeling that you are wasting time, among others. In addition, it is important that you know that the responsibility for your feelings is yours, it is in your hands. So we hope to motivate you to make a decision (to continue in other terms or move on to something else) with which you feel comfortable tomorrow. It is important that you know what you want, because if you have doubts, it may be that you end up and return to that relationship more than once, forming a cycle that ends up damaging you more and more.

You need to be completely convinced that it is the right thing for you. You deserve to have a relationship on equal terms, where the priority that both of you give to the relationship is similar. And that you do not live in a situation where you have to feel that you compete or that you work hard for the relationship, while your partner is enjoying and letting himself be loved. Think about it, it’s not fair or necessary for you to go through that. Keep in mind that this scenario can be normal only at first, while they are getting to know each other and usually one of the two is more in love than the other. However, after a while, this should stabilize.

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