Talking about maturity is subject to many interpretations, although women are mature compared to men, there are many times when women, due to lack of maturity, act irrationally and inexplicably in the areas of their lives. A mature woman is the one who learns to live having her own space and letting others be free and happy with the option of returning. On the other hand, the immature woman suffers from control over her partner’s time and other things that you will see around this article. Immature women have many characteristics that are and will always be a problem in the relationship by not distinguishing the importance of giving their space, not causing unnecessary problems and exercising control over other people. I invite you to read this article so that you can identify if you are a mature or immature woman.


1- Mature women see their partner as someone with whom to share life, while immature women believe that a boyfriend is someone they own. When a woman is not mature enough, she believes that her partner is her property and this person belongs to her, coercing any type of action that the man wants to perform. Also, they want to control their activities, their free time and everything around them. If you are such a woman, you can lose your relationship in a while, since having a partner is to share happiness, sadness and chores, but not to use the other individual as property or as a puppet. 2- Mature women know how to spend time alone when necessary, immature women cannot be without their partner for a second. Frequently, We observe that the immature woman cannot do anything without her partner and wants to spend all her time absorbed in the relationship, alienating friends or any type of people, to lead a life totally next to her partner. This type of behavior reflects great insecurity and low self-esteem, since time and personal activities are not valued. On the other hand, mature women know how to enjoy time alone, either with their friends, their family or alone reading a book, but they are aware that both need their space and she, as a woman, requires it to take care of her hobbies. hobbies or time with herself. 3- Mature women avoid bad men, immature women avoid GOOD men. Haven’t you had a fatalistic friend who always chooses the so-called Bad Boys and is always suffering for them? Yes, that’s what we’re talking about. Immature women look at bad men who only use them or do not value them enough, thus creating a vicious circle, in addition to looking at the same prototype of a person over and over again without distinguishing that they are doing something wrong, and when a good man who values ​​and loves her, he bores her or simply rejects him. On the contrary, a mature woman is always looking for good men who treat her like a queen, she gives her everything she asks of her, values ​​her person, her body, her time and the love she gives her. every day. These women are characterized by having good self-esteem and respect for themselves, because they would never notice a bad man or one who could hurt them. 4- An immature woman gets angry because she doesn’t answer a message right away, a mature woman wonders if her partner will be okay. Has this happened to you? Many times we get angry because our partner does not respond and is not all the time on top of us, writing to us, calling us or by our side. This behavior reflects an insecurity about what the other person is doing, it is an execution of absolute control that immature women usually have, on the other hand, mature women do not wonder who they are with or what their partner is doing, they usually worry about knowing if everything is fine, but leaving them their personal space so they can carry out their activities or be with their family or friends. 5- A mature woman knows that her boyfriend needs time for hers, while an immature woman forbids her to leave her, see her friends and do things that do not involve her. Surely you will have a friend who does this or you have felt identified doing this with a partner you have had and this denotes a great insecurity in your person. The immature woman will always try to coerce and control the man’s time, while the mature woman will let him free from her because he knows that he values ​​her and will always return to her after seeing her friends. 6- A mature woman works hard to get what she wants, an immature woman WAITS for others to provide it. This point is typical of many women today, they want their partners to provide all kinds of comforts without them having to make an effort and the mature struggle to achieve goals, challenges, work hard and obtain a bright future for themselves provide everything what they want. 7- A mature woman knows that the value of a lady is not measured by her body or beauty, an immature woman prefers to be beautiful but ignorant. Often, we see women who do not care about learning, reading and being an intelligent person with a general culture of life, because they prefer to be in a gym or getting beauty treatments to attract the men they need to meet their economic needs and loving. This type of behavior is quite pejorative for themselves, since they are telling themselves that they cannot achieve anything else if they do not have a sculptural body to represent them. 8- Mature women know that every day they have the opportunity to be BETTER, while immature women think they are perfect. Immature women think they know everything, while the mature strive to improve every day and learn new things in life. Did you identify if you had any of these problems?

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