Many people often confuse psychopathy with sociopathy and vice versa, but you have to understand that both are different things, even if they seem the same. When we talk about certain medical conditions, it is important to have the concepts very clear, even more so if it is about diseases that have to do with psychological issues. In general, these two terms are used in psychology, mainly to be able to name a type of Antisocial Personality Disorder, and although people use them as synonyms, there may be a fundamental difference, which may have to do with the danger between one and the other. other.

According to what some experts mention, there is a detail that makes the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath. However, for other professionals in the area there is no difference between the two diseases, beyond their nomenclature. Those who maintain that there is a difference between these, say that it lies mainly in its origin, that is, for some experts psychopaths are “born” and sociopaths “are made”.

What are the similarities between a psychopath and a sociopath?

To begin with, both conditions are identified as personality disorders, since they have many traits in common. If we are going to cite some examples: we have the lack of empathy towards society, the lack of guilt or remorse for actions committed that can end up harming people and the tendency to be violent, which is one of the main characteristics. It can be said that basically these are different conditions, but apart from that, each case is also unique.

In reality, it is difficult to differentiate a normal person from one who suffers from one of these disorders, since both sociopaths and psychopaths look at first glance like healthy people, to call it something. These normally do not present any type of disability, they can even be very intelligent people, however, they can express a certain rejection of society, which is what denotes problems in their behavior. Another quite notorious characteristic is the tendency to lie and the manipulative power they have towards other people, all in order to obtain their own benefit, regardless of the degree of damage they may cause.

Differences between sociopath and psychopath

When we talk about sociopaths, we refer to people with certain tendencies to be more compulsive and emotionally unstable than psychopaths. Perhaps that is a key point to be able to differentiate people with these disorders. In general, sociopaths act without thinking, that is, the crimes they commit, whether violent or not, do so more on impulse than psychopaths, because that means they are people with less patience, more aggressive and perhaps with more mistakes. in their criminal actions. On the other hand, the crimes that are done by the hands of psychopaths can be said to be mostly calculated and planned in a better way. Although this characteristic differentiates them from one another, it is not something that the experts fully share. Many say that there is no such difference between a psychopath and a sociopath, beyond the diagnosis they present. For others, as we mentioned before, the difference lies in the origin.

Psychopaths are born and sociopaths are made

Apparently, this is still the point of debate among professionals. Some consider that psychopathy is usually a personality disorder of hereditary origin, that is, we bring it from birth; while sociopathy is usually due to some brain trauma or being victims of abuse. However, this debate acquires its degree of importance when judging the person for crimes of murder, terrorist attacks, etc.

If we talk about murderers, there is a truth and that is that almost everyone has some kind of mental disorder, however, it cannot be said that everyone is a psychopath or sociopath, nor can it be said that people with these problems are necessarily serial killers. . One thing must be made very clear, and that is that they are beings with mental problems, and therefore, in many of their actions they are not fully aware.

Is there any treatment to follow?

It can be said that for this disorder there is no cure or any treatment to follow, however, it is important that the person receives medical and psychological attention mainly. As is logical, these people cannot be blamed directly for the things they are going to commit, since that condition occurs because there is something in them that does not work as it should. But on the other hand, having these people on the loose could mean a danger, both for themselves and for society.

​Without a doubt, it is still a topic that leaves much to talk about, so much so that they have not even fully agreed on the origin of these disorders. In any case, it is important to take into account at least some points that can differentiate them to avoid confusion that can normally occur in these cases. If someone close to you has one of these problems, help them immediately.

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