It all begins with a look… In love you cannot command and we know that sometimes it can become very capricious. Many say that women are very stubborn and until we get what we want we cannot be completely happy, and when it comes to the couple it can become very dangerous but quite attractive, that is why this time we will talk about how to conquer a married man , so if you have that “forbidden man” in your sights, take note.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Why a married man?
  • 2 Tactics of conquest of a married man
  • 3 Secure your conquest

Why a married man?

They say that married men taste much better, and it is not that we are going to eat it, but in truth, the sensation that occurs when we are in the fine art of conquering, everything becomes too attractive and even vicious when it comes to wanting to conquer someone . a married man .

When a married man gets into the heart of a woman who has set eyes on him, it is almost impossible to remove the thoughts of a life together and even more so when this man is not feeling well in marriage, which is a point in favor of that woman who wants to conquer him and more when he has close contact with this person, but if you have put into your head the thought of “ I want to conquer a married man ”, then you should know that if there is a possibility that this person is at side of you and definitely leave that marriage you are in.

In addition, another of the factors that women find too attractive in a married man is that thanks to that commitment, women assume that they are mature men who are looking for more than an informal relationship, but that they are ready to take a more serious step although that does not list all men who are married.

Tactics of conquest of a married man

In what to do to conquer a married man , there are many tactics that can be carried out to have the effect of love that you want, such as:

  • Show him that you can give him everything he wants

  • Be a beast in bed but don’t forget to know what he likes the most, since there are men who prefer you to be a little lamb

  • Be his confidant in bed, listen to him and try to fulfill his fantasies

  • Know your erogenous zones

  • Generates an atmosphere of peace and sensuality. Married men are always tired of the issues at home and that many times their wife has lost that spark they find with you

  • Be an aphrodite in bed

  • Get to know him very well and adapt to what he wants at all times

  • Don’t think that he would immediately leave his wife to be with you

  • make me enjoy the moment

  • Offer experiences to the fullest

Knowing how to conquer a married man is also an art, so you must do it with patience and a lot of intelligence.

Secure your conquest

In most cases, you are always what the married man wants and that he has as something furtive, that is why you make yourself something more desirous for him, so the sexual environment is too important, from there you can catch him, Well, you will captivate him with everything you know how to do very well, because to want to conquer a married man , you need a lot of intelligence and know what he wants.

You need to know what to do to conquer a married man in each situation, because not everything is the same, since the mood he has is always different due to problems at work but mostly because of what he is looking for at home and cannot find, so find a way to satisfy him depending on what he wants at that moment, maybe, for example, he likes wild sex but at that moment he wants you to just hug him or that the sex is too soft or vice versa.

You have to be aware that you are dealing with a married man, that is why you cannot behave as you normally would with a man who does not have that important commitment.

All these tips come from the book Melt It With Love that I recommend you read if you are really convinced of falling in love with that married man who drives you crazy.

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