Too many women fall into this cruel trap of love, where in the end they don’t know whether to run away or stay in the hope that the pain will soon pass and love will heal everything.

At the moment in the relationship, when you reach the point of feeling that you are practically begging for his time, and his attention, it is because something is not going well. Someone has died in the love that existed between the two. The relationship has quietly broken down.

If what we describe sounds familiar to you and you reached the point of feeling all this, it is because in some way it has subtly made you feel it and it is not necessary to have to live and endure next to someone who makes you feel that way, in this way. Otherwise, you suffer, you beg for love and your self-esteem decreases, time after time, you come out very damaged.

These are 5 steps to detect if you are begging for the love of that man.
1. Analyze and listen to what your heart tells you, not what your mind thinks
At this point you are already with your head full of so many ideas that make you dizzy and fight among themselves, that you even wonder if you have lost your mind. It is impossible to try to listen to your heart because the voice of your mind is too high and shrill. Look for a quiet place and moment in your day, without your friends, without anyone, without your phone and especially without social networks that do not tire of informing you that he has just published a photo with your favorite food, but you are not invited to taste it, or that a so-and-so liked said photo. In that rare moment of solitude and reflection, you will have no choice but to listen to what your heart feels, even if you sense that what you hear is not to your liking and you want to cover the sun with a finger.

The heart does not speak, but it says more than our mind. If when you think of him, of you together as a couple with projection into the future, in the good times and in the bad, in what bothers you and what you love about him; and while you do it your heart gets restless and can’t find peace, so stop, because it’s quite likely that he’s not the one you need, although deep down you may already have suspected it.

2. Test the waters
Exactly like when we are about to touch something that we do not know if it is cold or hot, we do it with extreme caution, with the tips of the fingers, or the back of the hand so as not to burn ourselves, likewise in this way you must test the waters, before throwing yourself fully into that uncertain sea.

How do you do this? In general, when doubts about whether a love is truly reciprocal or not, arise, it is because that person is not acting as a person in love would typically do. Some of his behavior, whatever it is, leaves you in doubt, even if you don’t know exactly why.

If you don’t want to get burned, and make a drastic decision that you may later regret, then do small tests like stop sending messages, don’t look for him so much, don’t see him, don’t be the one who always calls or the one who invites him to do things all the time. And then wait… measure and evaluate their reaction, it will be the clearest answer you will hear.
3. Don’t be scared
Once you have decided to test the waters, truly willing to find out the truth and a few hours, a few days, a week have passed without you hearing anything from him. Get ready! Panic will seize you and you will think that you are a fool that you will end up losing him for not being on top of him and that someone else will arrive and will ‘take’ him out of you. It is at this precise moment that we tend to forget the precautions we must take to grab an iron that we do not know if it is hot or cold and we take it with the open hand of the hottest part. What’s happening? we burn

You have to remember that human beings are animals of habit. If someone feeds us every day and never asks us for money, we are never going to offer a payment. If he knows that from time to time and when doubts eat you up, you disappear for a couple of days, but that in his absence you will come back to look for him; put the signature that he will not do anything to look for you.

That is why it is essential that you trust yourself, do not be scared, move on with your life and if he loves you, he will look for you, sorry!
4. Do not create hatred or resentment
It is essential that so that your heart can clearly know what you feel and what he feels, that you get rid of all hatred and resentment for him, that you leave that whirlwind of almost violent emotions aside for a while. If you don’t, anger, resentment, anger and even sometimes in extreme cases the desire for revenge, for having to ‘beg’ him for his love, will blind you and even if he really loves you, you will love him. it would be impossible to see or feel it clearly.

5. Don’t make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion.
In general, women tend to be the queens of the drastic, when something has bothered us for some time and fury invades us, until we manage to govern ourselves, it is more likely that we will make a final decision, and often wrong. Decisions based on these strong and overwhelming emotions should be avoided in all aspects of life, especially in love. If you really want to know if he really loves you, don’t beg for crumbs of love, don’t look for him without calling you. Have the courage (this is for yourself) to leave a void, let it breathe, decide, contemplate; you take care of yourself, and as my grandmother used to say, “whoever leaves without being run away, she comes back without being called”. Have the faith to wait, if he doesn’t come back, he will always be better that way.

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