Having self-esteem means valuing yourself, recognizing that you are valuable and although we are not the same, each being has their talents and defects, the same ones that do not make anyone better than another. STOP SUFFERING

Many people suffer because they constantly compare themselves to others. One group does it because their parents did it by mistake, they compared them with other children if they wanted to reprimand them and such an attitude was undermining their self-esteem.

Reasons for Never Comparing Yourself to Anyone 1.- Remember and be clear that God does not make garbage, therefore, we are all valuable and have talents that we will only discover if we are diligent in everything we do.

2.- Recognize that success does not depend absolutely on luck, success depends on the will and perseverance that you put into things. Remember that Rome was not built in a day and that the most valuable things in this life are those that are achieved with effort, planning and method. It is not possible to emerge in the midst of internal disorder, in the midst of chaos, much less live comparing yourself with others.

3.- If it seems to you that someone achieves things that you would like to achieve, see if that is really what you want or if you say it for revenge, for imitation or for what they will say. If that someone achieves what you wanted, analyze how much it could have cost him and meditate and be truthful with yourself, recognizing everything to which you have to put more effort. 4.- By buying your life with someone else’s you only manage to hurt yourself. Remember that sometimes everyone has what they deserve and maybe there are talents that you have not yet discovered in yourself; it is easier to say that ideas of happiness are yearned for that are like recipes that expand for everyone. 5.- From the moment you feel less than someone or harm yourself, you lose light. Learn to look at yourself, to recognize your strengths and your flaws with dignity because no one is better than anyone else. There are only people on the right track and people who are confused, and comparing oneself is only the path of those who live in constant insecurity and immaturity. 6.- Never say that you will lose opportunities, that you will fail without even having tried, do not allow your dreams to sink for fear of not arriving. The only way to get out of the trials of life is perseverance, courage and effort because whoever puts all their soul for good will be magically helped by God even if they don’t believe it. 7.- Do not live regretting what you did, what you did not do and what you are afraid to do because that only wears you out, leads you to absurd suffering. The key is to accept mistakes, say sorry at the time and plan life with specific goals. Remember that this world is passing and no one can live what you do not decide to live. Do not choose to remain in inertia before your dreams, decide to put it on the calendar and give the idea all your greatest effort and order. 8.- If someone makes you feel less, do not let it affect you. And if you failed at something, the change depends on you, only you will be guilty of feeling mediocre and empty because people who fight to be themselves are controversial, but respected (o). 9.- Never allow people to decide for you because only your soul knows what gives you peace. It is one thing to receive advice and another to assume a life that cannot be supported for fear of being isolated from groups. Prefer to be looked at, criticized (or) rather than stop being yourself. 10.- You do not fail if you leave something behind, you only choose for your peace. A profession, a love, a path, everything, everything is chosen, but it is not correct to choose what steals peace, much less fear.

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