It is known that what we call love or what we feel when there is love is actually a set of hormones secreted in our body that are unconsciously activated by stimuli from our brain.

When we fall in love we release dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, that is why we feel excited, full of energy and the perception we have of life is magnificent. But what happens most of the time is that we confuse love with our brain’s reactions to certain human behaviors, such as a look, a polite or attentive gesture, or simply a pleasant social encounter with some individual. We are left with the impact of the sensation caused by these events and that leads us to confusion in our feelings. That is the reason why many relationships fail over time. Because that feeling of pleasure that they confused with love, and which really isn’t, leads them to boredom, monotony,

How to recognize when you don’t feel love? In the supposed demonstration of love there is no passion, no emotion is felt, it is an elaborate love, forced to feel it, it does not give, it does not serve you. It is quite difficult to see with reality once you have reached this point, but you have to admit it, it is already completely irremediable, there is no other choice but to take a look at the situation. And if you don’t understand the kind of love you’re experiencing, it’s best to cut your losses and end that relationship, because it doesn’t give you anything and it doesn’t bring you happiness, you probably don’t feel comfortable giving on your part either. But if you are in a relationship in which you really no longer want to be alone because you do not want to hurt your partner or for whatever reason, believe me that your mood will be affected and your environment will notice it, even if you want to hide it.

What to do not to insist on a love that has no future?

In reality, it is quite a difficult and delicate job to recognize that love withered, did not exist or simply did not work, many paths to a single destination.

That is why what is recommended is to detach yourself from any type of feeling, no matter how minimal, when recognizing the instability in our relationship, that would affect the work of recognizing if love is true or fake.

Communication on your part is more than important. Both must be aware that no matter how hard they put it, if there is no more love, there is no more, you can have a good friendship, a huge appreciation, but you cannot force love. This becomes even more delicate since we instinctively tend to reject situations when they get out of hand. When you realize that there is no love in the relationship, it is better not to insist, the damage caused by fostering false hopes is terrible and ends up affecting both of you for being deceitful, selfish and false. In the same way our body also sends us signals, for example, we feel restless, depressed. Our hormones also react to uncomfortable moments. “The sign that we do not love someone is that we do not give them all the best that is in us.” quoted by Paul Claude.

How to show your partner that you no longer love him? Expressing “I don’t love you anymore” right off the bat is not a good idea for many reasons, but it is better to be an honest person when you have decided to express it. It is advisable to be subtle, take care of words and attitude so as not to complicate things further, which is already quite complicated.

Some recommendations that you can take into account to express that love is over, or never existed, are:

-Security to transmit with certainty and reflection what is being expressed.

-Sensitivity to put yourself in the place of the other, within the situation. -Hear what the other has to say, and let him express himself, even if what he has to say is not pleasant. Don’t judge it. -Speak with the heart when you express this, from the depths of your being and without getting upset. -Be pleasant when declaring feelings.

-Avoid expanding the conversation to matters that are irrelevant.

Another relevant point is to stand firm in the decision, but do not close yourself to listen to your partner, let him speak and offer him your full attention. It is important to go to the points on the subject and not give details that do not help at all.

Keeping a docile mind is another resource that can gratify you, in this way you prevent getting defensive, giving sermons and above all that the conversation goes out of its standards. Consoling phrases such as “it’s not you, it’s me”, in such a serious moment these do not favor the conversation.

When you finish expressing everything you will feel a certain inner peace for finishing that uncomfortable and painful moment, although later you could feel guilt or decline, but that is a normal reaction since you will enter the stage of mourning for the loss. The main thing for your life, whether you are the one who faces to end or they face you to end a relationship, is to accept things calmly, and find a new reason why we can continue to be happy.

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