Dressing well and dressing appropriately for each occasion is an art that is learned and worked on, but at the same time is closely related to the female intuition of what you feel suits you and what really doesn’t. Making the best decision in front of the wardrobe has a lot to do with your personality and with that image you want to project of yourself, as you must comply with the parameters that tell you what to wear and what not according to the event or activity you attended. When asked what do I wear for a cocktail? We give you some ideas, but we also show you what you should not use. Pay attention to the following. The idea of ​​dressing appropriately according to the time of day and the type of event has many elements that make up your personality, that own style that characterizes you. Starting from this base is that you will prepare for each occasion with the indicated clothes. It seems very simple, but it is not, sometimes we can make bad choices and look poorly dressed. A cocktail, which is not a party or an activity that you can attend in street clothes, also requires a good choice of your wardrobe and the right one.

The dresses of thick and long fabrics

A cocktail is not a gala party. These types of dresses are not the most appropriate. No need to go long. It is albeit a night event, but that does not mean that your dress must necessarily be gala. There are different events that require a different way of dressing. For a cocktail, which is an informal event, glitter and sequins are not necessary. Keep in mind that simplicity is the choice of women with style.

The shirt dresses

Nor is it about going to the other extreme. Dressing informally is not synonymous with dressing with the first thing you find when you open the wardrobe. It is not about wearing jeans and sports shoes, a cocktail requires something more sober than that. Not too bald, not too bald, is good advice to find that balance in clothing that is needed for the occasion.

Don’t be afraid to resort to sexy. A well worn neckline goes very well with this type of event and even a round neck. Shirt collars are not appropriate, it is better that you do not count them among your options.

crop top

You must differentiate very well what is sexy from what will reduce your sobriety in clothing. You can be sexy but elegant, just as some small mistakes can make you look tacky or out of place for that type of event instead of looking sensual. Showing your abdomen will not always allow you to look sexy, at least not at a cocktail party, there it will reduce your sobriety. Your look should be formal, elegant, even with a neckline, but always simple.

Crop tops are not the best option, although they are well worn without showing too much abdomen, they do not look so bad, but it is always preferable that you avoid them.

The shine: satin dresses

This type of dresses print youth and informality. It’s eye-catching, but that’s not why it’s elegant and appropriate for that night.

You must adopt the concept that elegance is not synonymous with brightness and extravagance, for a cocktail all that is unnecessary. In an event like this there is no need to attract attention.

Pastel shades for evening dresses:

Better avoid them. Elegance also has its colors. The darker tones are characteristic of an air of formality that can be seen with the naked eye. On the other hand, the rather light colors, the pastels, do not go at all with the night events, less in the case of a cocktail.

However, if you want to wear something light, in that case, try accessories in dark colors, preferably black. It’s about getting that balance point.

Fabrics: distant options

Some dresses that have fabrics look very nice for a party, but do not think that it will be a good decision to choose them to wear to a cocktail.

They do not look consistent enough, less in the case of those dresses that have a significant width.

We have brought you some proposals that you can take into account before going out tonight for a cocktail. But take note of the tips that will make you look as you expect. Do not forget that simplicity, in these cases, is what prevails as well as it is necessary that you take into account the difference between party dresses and those of a cocktail event.

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