If you have dark eyes, you are very lucky: it is one of the eye colors to which a greater variety of shadows look good. Therefore, makeup for dark eyes is easy, since a lot of different options can be used. From a simple outline to games with shadows, any variation is good if you dare to try different things.

the colors for your eyes

If you want to make up with shadows, choose deep tones such as dark grays, navy blues, browns and blacks, among others. Avoid pastel or very light tones in black eye makeup, as they will make your eyes look washed out. You have free way to use metallic colors, avoid matte shadows if you want to give some shine to the look.

If you want to add intensity to your look, try putting a black or navy blue shade on the lower lash line.

Look for smoky looks that highlight the color of your eyes: smokey eyes can not only be done with black, but with any dark shade that we find.

the outlined


Choose liquid eyeliners that will provide a finer and more perfect line: at first using it is more difficult, but it is only a matter of practice. Choose the classic colors – black, brown, gray – or also try gold and silver for the night.

Try different eyeliners and don’t forget to add the most important component: the mascara.

A simple look for everyday




If you want a simple makeup for black eyes for day to day, follow these steps:

  • Start with a clean and moisturized face.
  • Apply a BB Cream on your face, (a colored moisturizer). Something soft and ideal for every day.
  • Make a thick eyeliner with a pencil eyeliner -preferably khol or kajal- in navy blue. Then blur this line with a specific brush, until the darkest tone is on the lashes and lightens towards the eyebrows.
  • Make a simple fine black eyeliner -with liquid or gel eyeliner-. Apply mascara.
  • Line the waterline of the lower lashes with white. Then, only on the outer part of the eye, put a little blue eyeliner and blend well.
  • Put on a soft pink blush, and a lip gloss.

You are ready to go to work, study or go for a walk.

Night makeup

As said before use bright colors for the night. The eyeliner looks great if you extend it from the contour of the eyes. The mascara has to be thick, which does not mean excessively. In this way you will have a very beautiful and penetrating look. It is important that you do not wear red, white and green tones or highlighter as they do not favor the color of your eyes.

Cheek and lip makeup

At this point, you may be wondering what blush and lipstick have to do with your eyes? If you have opted for a certain type of makeup, as a consequence, you should also choose  your lipstick and blush well. If you have a dark complexion and dark hair, it is advisable to use a peach or beige blush, while if you have pale skin, it is best to opt for a pink or orange color. If you go for a very intense eye makeup, it is best to leave the natural lips with a light brown or pastel pink color, while, if you go for a more natural makeup, you can dare with the most vibrant and striking colors such as red, fuchsia or plum.

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