Sex is one of the most wonderful experiences that a human being can experience.

It is usually an important factor in the initial “hook” of a couple and a fundamental component in maintaining a relationship.

However, over time, routine, ennui and boredom can interfere in sexual life, bringing various consequences.

For this reason, it is sometimes necessary to put a little “salt and pepper” in bed, to revive the initial impetus.

One of the ways is by playing and experimenting with sexual positions.


Satisfying sex not only improves relationships between couples, but also brings a number of benefits to the body and mind.

For example, having sex frequently reduces the risk of prostate cancer. A study published in the ‘British Journal of Urology International’ found that men who ejaculate four or more times a week reduce the possibility of prostate cancer by 30%, since the harmful effect of carcinogenic agents on the prostate would be avoided. prostate.

For its part, according to a study by the University of the West of Scotland, the endorphins released during sexual intercourse help reduce stress hormones. It also helps maintain more controlled blood pressure levels, which can even help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The mouth not only speaks

Some time ago 68 had become fashionable for oral sex. In this position, one of the members of the couple lies on his back with his knees slightly bent and receives the other on his body, who will lie on his back on his chest, with his head between the legs of the one who is lying. In other words, both up, but in different directions.

Then he will open his thighs wide, so that the one below stimulates his genitals with his mouth.

If the man is below, you will have full access to the woman’s hot spots, from the clitoris to the anus: if the woman is below, she will be able to access the penis, testicles and anus… everything is within reach of the mouth.

Meanwhile, the one on top must limit himself to enjoying himself, although with his mischievous hands he can caress the sides of his lover. Of course, it can also lead to some form of self-stimulation.

But according to experts, 42 is the sexual position that generates more and better orgasms. Those who have practiced it affirm that it has become their favorite, for the simple reason that it ensures orgasm.

In this position, the man and the woman must alternate to give pleasure to their partner (something relative, because when giving pleasure we also experience it).

It may be a little more selfish in this regard, but be patient: places are exchanged and pleasure is assured for both.

These are some advantages of the sexual position of 42.

– It is ideal to break the monotony.

– You can reach the climax much easier for both.

– Women experience orgasms in crowds, since men have privileged access to the vaginal area.

– Although only one is the one who receives, both will be able to reach the limit of pleasure thanks to the erotic points and/or erogenous zones.

How to do it?

42 is the sexual position that is not so comfortable for one of the parties, but everything has a solution.

The person who is going to receive oral sex should be placed somewhere where they can be seated, but with their feet well supported and fixed on the ground; It can be the edge of the bed, the sofa or a chair. Then she will have to lean forward a little, so that her arm or elbows rest on her knees.

The person who will give oral sex should stand in front of the other, pointing to the intimate area of ​​their partner. The knees should be on the ground, so a cushion or pillow will be very useful.

The one who is seated will enjoy the mouth of his partner… and only the mouth. Although many think that it is a somewhat cold and limiting position, it has a great advantage: the morbidity of playing with only lips and tongue will make the other enjoy it to the fullest.

A very important detail that a woman should do when performing fellatio on her partner is to look up while playing with her genitals. Seeing her lover looking into her eyes will make the man get indescribable pleasure. It is also a good idea to alternate moments of maximum pressure and speed with others of almost total (or total) detention.

more variants

By far, the Missionary and Doggy positions are the most popular with couples, both seeking and encouraging penetration in different ways.

But oral sex and games that do not include penetration are also of great importance for the couple, avoiding the boredom that comes with routine.

The 42 also breaks ties and allows you to use your hands. If he is in the midst of pleasure and wants to participate, he can use his hands to touch his partner’s body and explore his erogenous zones: caress the head, neck, gently push, play with his nipples, everything is possible, you just have to get carried away in the moment.

When she is the one sitting, the man will be able to play with the height of his mouth to reach the vagina from different angles, thus guaranteeing a sum of sensations.

If the one who is kneeling gets tired, he can get into the doggy position (supported on knees and hand) and “do his job” by moving the hips. That will drive your partner crazy, in addition to adding an interesting plus: the one who is sitting will have a sensual view of the back and buttock of his partner and adds a very interesting element of submission to the sexual encounter.

The important thing is to dare to do new things, in sex everything is allowed, as long as the will or the physical integrity of the members of the couple is not injured.

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