Sex is a powerful key to form and consolidate a relationship.

An adequate complementation in intimacy creates a powerful bond, difficult to break and present in the vast majority of lasting and healthy couples.

For this, it is necessary to take an appropriate attitude in sexual encounters and for this, it is necessary to know and know each other. Some think that sexuality is something that only “feels” and that it is not possible to improve in bed, that it is something natural and that it is only brought from the cradle.

But this is a big mistake.

Sex is something that can be improved and the way to achieve it is to explore and discover one’s own sexuality. This will lead to knowledge that allows a relationship to be affirmed.

To make sex unforgettable, here are some tips that will surely be very useful to you.


1- First things first: women who are good in bed know that they also have the right to pleasure. Of course, in sex you have to worry about the pleasure of the other, but you should never cancel your own. Assume your sexuality and enjoy it is basic and fundamental. Do not worry only about pleasing your partner: find a way to reach orgasm together with her.

2- Sex is fun and pleasure and to fully enjoy it, it is necessary to pay attention to the details and bodily responses of the other person’s body and yours, without forgetting caresses and sexual stimuli. This attitude will increase and strengthen the complicity in the couple and will also help both to understand where each other’s areas of greatest pleasure are. 3- Women who are good in bed do not worry about what the other may think of her body. In fact, women who feel affected by their physique tend to be insecure when it comes to sex and the mere fact of being naked in front of another person terrifies them. This concern for one’s own body can lead to withdrawal and shame, hindering access to pleasure, since at the time of sex it is necessary to focus solely on giving and feeling pleasure. The aesthetic aspect is an unimportant detail and so you should consider it for total enjoyment. 4- The woman who enjoys her sexuality investigates sex. She knows the techniques for an unforgettable fellatio, don’t be afraid to try new positions and give yourself completely in the intimate moment. In this way, you will achieve a lot of pleasure in the sexual encounter, since that is the key to unforgettable sex. 5- she attends to what your partner wants and needs is a characteristic. Good sex is exchange: if there is no mutual concern in giving and receiving pleasure, the sexual relationship can be good, but it will never be unforgettable. 6- Do not be intimidated, do not feel ashamed. In real life, sex may not be so perfect, many times unforeseen things happen and everything can go the other way than planned, but truly good women in bed find such situations hilarious. Laughing at oneself is one of the greatest sexual attractions that exist, do not waste it. 7- If you want to be good in bed, you must know your own body and find the path of your own pleasure. Do not fall into senseless taboos and false modesty, attend to the signs of pleasure or displeasure that your own body gives you and do not be afraid to reach self-satisfaction. 8- Look for information and advice on how to put a little “spicy” in your relationship. Do not hide what you like, either alone or as a couple. 9- Test. Do not close yourself in what you already know and what you have done so far. The key to an unforgettable intimate relationship is always looking for new things that avoid boredom and monotony, which ultimately lead to disinterest and estrangement. 10- Learn to say “YES”, but also to say “NO”. Answer affirmatively to the proposals that your partner makes you and that can mean a new way of achieving pleasure for both of you. Instead, answer negatively to those that go against what you think and feel intimately, but leaving aside preconceptions. 11- Women who are good in bed know when to teach and when to learn. This means that at a certain moment they will guide their partners and in others, they will listen to the propositions that lead to pleasure. 12- Do not be afraid to take the first step and here we enter the field of social prejudice: it is considered that in the sexual field the man is “the one who knows everything” and the woman, the one who must learn. If he really is a mature man, he will understand that you are a person just like him, with your past and your knowledge and will not judge you for what has happened before in your life and for your open and clear attitude towards sex. 13- Show your appreciation and your approval towards your partner. It can be physical praise or talking about what you feel at that moment, including if you feel excited, if the caresses that he gives you are on the right track, etc. 14- Do not be afraid to move or express what you feel, it is a good way to respond to your partner. Tell him if he is doing “his job” well and if necessary, teach him. The worst thing that can be done in bed is to stay with the desire or say that everything is fine, when it is not, because it can lead to prolonged displeasure that ultimately threatens the couple. 15- Look into the eyes. In the hottest moment, make eye contact with your partner, because it is a great way to achieve a great union with him and that will last beyond the meeting. The fundamental thing is that you feel sure of yourself, that is the best weapon of a woman who is good in bed.

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