In the desire to always see ourselves splendid, if when we look in the mirror we no longer feel satisfied with the image that the mirror gives us, we start looking for a way to solve it and we find ourselves sailing in a sea of ​​proposals. Everything stays in the waist area. The fats accumulate little by little and over time. We have heard of many types of physical activities, but this Japanese stretching method can achieve truly amazing results. Pay attention and take note.

Reducing the waist a few sizes, as we wanted to maintain, is an effort that will take us some time. This Japanese method offers us the option of reaching the goal in just one month.

The Japanese technique

This method comes from a very old technique, dating back many years, whose main task is to lengthen the torso and, therefore, the curves of the waist become much deeper. It is because of this whole process that the waist can be reduced after this treatment. As we mentioned, it is an ancient technique so proven over the years as to affirm that we are in the presence of a safe material.

How is the procedure performed?

Pay attention. The first thing on the list is to have a towel. You should roll it up as much as possible and tie it tightly with a ribbon. If you have an exercise blanket or similar, use it to lie on it and place the towel rolled up below your waist.

Then, being ready in this position, fully raise your arms while the tips of your feet touch each other, in this process you should feel that your whole body is deeply stretched. That sensation of total stretch is what will give you the confirmation that you are performing the exercise correctly.

What is the ideal time to maintain this posture?

You should maintain this stretch for approximately 3 minutes. After that, take a 2-minute break while your body and also the rhythm of your breathing recover.

Repeat the entire process including breaks 3 times in a row.

This method is a technique that helps keep the body healthy, because the stretching exercise helps you in any circumstance. The measures will be gradually reduced, it is not that it will be a magical effect, no exercise is. This will take the time of approximately 30 days, which lasts a month, to reach the expected goal. You must keep in mind that perseverance and persistence are the basis of any goal, especially when it comes to physical exercises.

How many times should we do the exercise?

The most recommended thing is that we carry out this process about three times a week. It is also possible to carry it out every day, once a day, depending on the frequency you are used to or with which you feel more comfortable.

During how much time? There are people who prefer to repeat the stretching series after resting for 15 minutes.

Remember that according to proven experience, this stretching process, or Japanese technique, as it has also been made known, has a proven practice of having results in a month.

If you carry out the experience regularly, you would be reducing some measures in this period of time.

Please note the following. No physical exercise can be magical if we are not fit for them, that is, if we do not have any impediment to perform some movements that may be abrupt or due to any other medical inconvenience. It is always good that you go to your family doctor and ask him if you are really suitable for such an experience or for any other.

Food is no less important. It doesn’t do us much good to exercise if we don’t accompany it with a healthy diet rich in nutritious low-calorie foods that keep us fed but at the same time do not represent the intake of foods that can produce fat or negatively affect our health in some way. Health.

From expectations to results

It is really motivating to find a way to see ourselves well, because it is a way to feel comfortable with ourselves, from that moment when looking in the mirror makes us feel uncomfortable.

Trying to look better is a natural reaction of all people. What we must not allow ourselves is to lose our self-esteem and that security in ourselves as long as in that process to find the way to see ourselves in the best way, let us not lose our sanity and know how to recognize our limitations, understand our body and give ourselves what better as long as we do not end up threatening our health in an excessive effort to lose weight.

Learn to value yourself, to love yourself as you are. Remember that you can look for the size that best suits your body and your physical structure as long as that does not harm your health and do not look for that size that fits other women, but that you do not need. Try that the image that returns to you from the mirror, after this technique, has to do with you and above all things, can reflect your best smile. Remember that being happy does not depend on what others say or think about you, about your body, about your size, only you know what is best for you. Only you are the one who knows how and how you feel comfortable and also happy.

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