The eyebrows are the frame of the face, because being above the eyes, they are the ones that give life to the look. Well-groomed eyebrows, in the way that best suits the face, can make you look young and your expression pleasant, or the opposite effect can occur if they are not arranged in the best way. It is also not true that all types of eyebrows will look good on you, depending on the shape, the contour of the face and the eyes, some will look much better than others. So that you take it into account, we teach you some practical tips below.

The main thing in this, is that you keep in mind that not because a type of eyebrow is very fashionable, if the thin eyebrows or the thicker ones, you will look splendid with them anyway, it is that you feel comfortable with the way you choose to give them and above all that they go with you, that they accompany the compass of your gaze. If what you are looking for right now is to change them, but you don’t know how, we bring you some practical advice based on some experts on the matter.

Do not forget to keep in mind, when deciding on some form, that your face, your eyes and your eyebrows must complement each other harmoniously.

Heart shaped

If you are one of those people who has a heart-shaped face, that is, the chin is somewhat pointed, surely you also have somewhat wide cheeks, your hair also falls over the face making a kind of V.

If this is your case, the best eyebrow shapes would be rounded ones, a very round contour on low-arched eyes, why? because that curvilinear shape accompanies the heart-shaped contour that your face has and, in this way, gives harmony to your look and also to your face.


When you have a rather square face, the line of your hair with respect to the face is the same shape as your jaw, while your cheeks are also the same. This makes your face square in outline.

It is convenient then, that you remove that hard expression from your face and make the contours more subtle. Then you should give it a rounder shape and not so bushy.


Perhaps you are confused by the line of your hair on the forehead and your jaw and you think that yours is a square face, but no, if in your case the cheeks are not so wide and, however, your chin is longer, then It is a rectangular face.

What is then, the eyebrow that best suits you? They are straight eyebrows, your best option. You can even give them a very tiny curve that will subtly give your expressions a rather curved look and you will be subtracting from how straight it is.


If you are not sure if it is round or not, simply a detail will give you the guideline, if your face is as long as it is wide and you notice that your jaw is also, then indeed, your face is round.

Do not think that with straight eyebrows you will be breaking the scheme and changing the features with the naked eye. The best thing would be if they have a defined, oblique or angular shape. The effect that these forms cause is to give the illusion of reducing the roundness of the face.


Here we stop to identify if the face you have is oval. Take a good look if your cheekbones and jaw are roughly the same width and your forehead is only slightly wider, then your face looks somewhat round, but your jaw is much smaller and longer compared to the upper part of the face.

When these are the shapes, it would be convenient if you use the same eyebrows that we recommend for round faces, slight and angular ones would be ideal.


Do not be confused with the oval face, because in this case the measurements are much more pronounced in terms of diameter, revealing a more refined and prominent jaw that is usually noticeable at first sight.

How do we soften the look? Giving your eyebrows an elongated tail contour or straight eyebrows. What we are looking for here is simply to soften the features, to give the impression that the face is not as long as it really is.


It is usually very noticeable, because the cheeks are wider and the hairline looks quite narrow. The jaw, in turn, is rather thin and small.

For this type of face, it is best to give your eyebrows a round shape. In this way you will be able to give the right measure of balance to the expression of your face. According to the experts, some forms of eyebrows that you only want to touch up, will be fine if you practice our advice yourself, but if what you want is a radical change, then it is always best that you go to experts in the area so that they can tell us what you want to give it are achieved with greater precision.

Keep in mind that…

These are some important tricks that you should keep in mind when working on your eyebrows. Remember that they give the frame to your face and can change your look noticeably if the touch you give is not appropriate.

The constant use of wax on the eyebrows is not highly recommended, as they will not look very natural.

If you are going to cut, do it very carefully, cut a little, the essentials, the worst thing is that there are spaces without hair. Cara Delevigne’s eyebrows and their thickness: if these are your preference, put aside waxing or tweezing.

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