Some men deserve an Oscar, for the extreme ability they have to pretend that they love someone, for whatever reason.

Fortunately, they always give signs and leave traces that allow them to be discovered or to flee in time.


There can be many reasons why a man pretends to love a person: maybe he takes advantage of it or he is just looking for sex, for example.

In either case, it is something that can hurt intimately and waste time in a relationship with no future.

These are the signs that tell you that this man does not really love you.

1 Never a single detail: he says he loves you, but he never pays attention to you. It’s not about expensive gifts or fabulous surprises: we talk about little things like “are you feeling well?” or “I brought you this chocolate that you like so much”. Silly, but important.

2 Heyyyyyyyy!: You send a message and the answer can take a long time.

3 “This is…”: is very reluctant to introduce you to your friends or family. They always look lonely.

4 He never offers you the last part of what he is eating or what is left of ice cream. Never, it’s always for him.

5 “I recommend this to you”: you make recommendations on food, books, movies or clothes, but he doesn’t take them into account.

6 “I apologize for what I post”: he doesn’t take care of you on social networks. At the slightest anger, he publishes his downloads in his accounts and has no consideration for you. It seems that you do not value what you have between you.

7 In sex, he privileges his tastes and his pleasure, but he never takes the time to attend to what you want.

8 An argument always seems imminent, whatever the subject.

9 “Excuse me, I brought you this”: After a strong argument, he brings a gift, but does not talk about it. Of course, the discussions are repeated.

10 If you raise your doubts about the relationship or about what he feels towards you, he gets angry and doesn’t want to talk about it.

11 When they do something you like, they show their boredom and don’t bother to hide it.

12 “That person does not suit you”: your parents, your relatives, your friends and friends always say that phrase to you. It’s like you’re not seeing something that they see.

13 It is very difficult for him to say “I love you”.

14 Makes fun of your tastes, be it musicals, movies, culture or entertainment and does it in an offensive way.

15 If he takes you to his house and there are other people, his discomfort is visible.

16 When he talks about his future, he usually does it with the “I”, not with the “we”.

17 When you talk about your projects, their lack of interest is notorious.

18 If you take him to a meeting with your friends and family, he gets bored and obviously doesn’t want to be there. On the other hand, the feeling is mutual, because none of those present like him either.

19 He has no consideration for you when he reproaches you for something, it is common for him to make you cry or feel very bad, as if he does not care what you feel.

20 He is not interested in your studies or your work achievements, he forgets your exams or your important dates.

21 Many times it makes you feel that you are at your service and not that they are a couple that must decide things on an equal footing.

22 You feel a great distance between you and him. If you tell him, he answers that “everything is fine”… and maybe it’s because emotional distance is what he wants to have with you.

23 “Sorry, I couldn’t come, I had something else to do”: problems always arise and are understandable, but if when it comes to being together there are usually other things that prevent it, it’s simply that you are not his priority. If the problem is repeated and it is something that cannot be solved, it is a bad sign.

24 He is selfish, he is only interested in what concerns him and his particular interests.

25 Anything you say or do annoys him, even things that used to amuse him.

26 Suddenly, he seems to need more and more space and whatever you say to him he sees as an intrusion on his privacy. It is clear that in a couple both parties must have their own space, but in a healthy couple and where love exists, they always seek to share with the other. If this is ending, it’s a sign that something is up, especially if it’s a marked change from how the relationship was before.

27 Sex is sporadic, they don’t look for it like before. When they do, it’s not exciting and it’s almost an obligation.

28 Shuns your shows of affection, gives clear signals that bother him, either in public or in private.

29 Does not suggest new things or places to go. If you give some idea, everything seems good to him or everything seems bad to him, that is: everything is the same to him.

30 He looks boldly at other girls when he’s with you . If you recriminate her, she gets upset. In extreme cases, he flirts with others, either “on the air” or through chat.

If any of these things (or more than one) is present in your relationship, talk about it with him. If mistrust persists, coldly analyze your relationship and think if it is what you really want for yourself.

You always deserve the best, remember that.

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