We talk a lot about love, but sometimes it is difficult for us to know what the true feelings of that man who is with us are.

And that is for something very simple: not all people have the same facility to express what they feel (and men, much less).

So… how do you know if he really loves you?


Facts and not words

“Faces we see, hearts we do not know” said the grandmothers and it contains a great truth: people can show their best, but their intentions cannot be explicitly known.

Fortunately, it is possible to know that by attending to what the person does, because the facts can say even more than words, since what is done can be as forceful as what is said.

If he does any of these things, you can be sure that he really loves you.

1- Shows you respect and values ​​you, this is something fundamental in a healthy relationship. If he values ​​you, he will see you as his equal and not an object or a help. On the contrary, he will show respect and interest in your tastes and opinions, even if he does not share them, because he understands that you are a person with your own values ​​and objectives.

2 – If a man truly loves you, he will be honest with you and not lie to you, because he is aware of the importance of trust in a relationship. Therefore, he will not risk losing what he has with you for a lie. One of the clear signs of a relationship that points to the future is honesty: lies are left out.

3- If he loves you, esteems you as a person and values ​​the relationship, he will naturally remember the important dates, whether they met, started dating, your birthday and all the things that you consider important. Of course, when giving you something, it will be something you like (because he always knows, since he is attentive to details) and he will be there to help you with the important things in your life (exams, family illnesses, job opportunities, etc. ).

4- If he esteems you and loves you, he will try to be a better person, for and for you. He strives to improve to be up to you.

5-According to several studies, when a man decides to settle down, he has already been through several relationships, some of them can be significant. From there he will have learned lessons that will help him to avoid the mistakes made before and he can express those efforts in some way.

6- If he really loves you, he will make you participate in the special occasions of his life, whether it is a wedding, a baptism, a collation, he always wants you to be by his side and accompany him. because you are his motivation and he wants to share with you the best moments of his life, in addition to the fact that he wants you to meet his family.

7- If you are really in love, you will often use “we” and few times “no” when you speak. He just can’t imagine life without you.

8- When he makes plans for the future, he naturally includes you in them. Vacations, work trips and even living in other countries, he tells you about his projects and makes you understand that you are in them.

9- As one more way of expressing that he appreciates you as a person, respects your time and your decisions and will not force you to do things that you do not want, that harm you or that you are not ready to do. Understand that you are an independent being and that you do things in the way and at the time that you think is best.

10- If he loves you, he will support you in what you do: work, study, hobbies and will encourage you to do it more and better. He will always be in your activities, even if it is something that he does not share, because he knows that it is important to you.

11- In good times and bad, he will always be there. Diseases and misfortunes are not pleasant moments, but he will always be there to give you his shoulder and his help.

12- If it is not possible for him to be with you for some reason (work, study, trip, etc.) he will be with you with messages, photos or videos, remembering that he loves you. It is a way of always being with you.

13- When he really loves you, he accepts you as you are and he doesn’t try to change you. He will accept you with your physique, your way of being, your virtues and defects, mistakes and successes. He will love you for who you are today, not for your past.

14- Under no circumstances will he allow you to return alone, because he will always want to protect you.

15- Good humor is part of a healthy couple, so he will always look for a way to make you laugh and have a good time.

16- It is delicate, soft and kind. He takes care of you and is respectful of your physique.

17- If he loves you, he will respect you when speaking and insults and aggression will not appear on his lips. When there are disagreements, he will handle them in a respectful and positive way, with the aim of improving and not attacking.

18- He is able to put your wishes before his, so he will be able to sacrifice something he wants to do for an activity of yours.

19- Feel your achievements as if they were his. If he is really in love she will not compete with you, he will feel that she wins with your triumphs.

20- He will always see you pretty, even when you know that you are not on your best day. So don’t think that he is lying to you: he really sees you pretty, he doesn’t say it just to look good on you.

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