A study reveals that this behavior is known as “tender aggression” and is an unconscious way of showing love

Who in his life has not had to receive a bite from his partner or, why not, you may have given it. Naturally, sometimes we feel the need to give our partner a small “bite” somewhere in the body, it is like an instinct, which is born from deep within and emerges unconsciously. You do not have to worry about this, it is something completely normal and although sometimes it is confused with some kind of crazy or violent behavior, this actually represents the complete opposite. According to science, this game of biting someone has a name, and it is known as “tender aggression” and it is a means by which the brain sends the order to express the excessive love you feel for that person.

And yes, one way to tell your partner that you feel an overflowing and uncontrollable love for her is by giving her a tender bite. If you analyze it well, this behavior should not be considered as something negative, but on the contrary, it is a personalized way of showing a fervent and passionate love.

According to a group of scientists from Yale University, Connecticut, the purpose of this instinctive behavior is to keep emotions under control. And since there is no single way to show feelings, we can do it in various and unexpected ways, this helps maintain an internal emotional balance. These actions are executed unconsciously and with this we seek to demonstrate the value we have towards the other person, obviously without the intention of causing them any harm, which is precisely what happens when we tenderly bite our loved one.

So, if you bite or get bitten, these are the reasons:


If you are returning from a trip or you have not seen your partner for a while and at the moment of kissing you he gently bites your lips, it is because he feels great happiness at seeing you again and being with you. It gives a superior sensation of contact, beyond simple physical contact, a bite gives a touch of… “here I am, and I look forward to you”. This expression of nostalgia comes with the added meaning that he was faithful to you during this time…or at least I sincerely miss you, and I really wanted to kiss you again.


Biting the partner from time to time is also a sign of affection. A kiss is very soft, a bite is deeper. If your partner does this from time to time, take an opportunity to bite you in any part of the body, in the arms, the face, or any part to which he has access, it is not precisely that I have no way of expressing how much I love you. loves, but actually wants to find a different and authentic way to do it with you. No more pleasant sensation than feeling that you savor your partner with soft bites.


Biting the person you love is also a particular way of marking your territory. It is an instinctive resource widely used by both men and women, as well as many animals, motivated by jealousy or affection, the intention of giving a somewhat intense bite (without reaching damage) is to leave a mark on the body of that person, with the meaning of she belongs to you and that she is your favorite person in the world. It is not that the mark is visible and everyone sees it, the reference is the sensation produced by taking a bite, or letting yourself be bitten. Actually this is a very tender and subtle way of saying that this person is yours.


Making a bite or receiving it from that person you love is something pleasant and unique, it is intimacy. The act of feeling pleasure when biting or being bitten is known as ‘Odaxelagnia’, it is a fairly common paraphilia, according to studies by the American researcher Alfred Charles Kinsey, considered a pioneer of human sexual research in the US. Do not be scared There is nothing sick about this, in fact, it is very normal. Many people love to be bitten or bitten either on the lips or any other part of the body. And there is nothing more exciting than feeling that you eat it gently.


It can also be considered as a form of communication, with a bite you can say things. More intense signals can be sent, for example, if when you are alone with our partner, already in the middle of kissing, your partner begins to give you small bites loaded with a touch of mischief, for example, gently nibbles your neck, shoulders and even on the face, he is actually telling you that he is looking for something more than a kiss and caresses. Actually, he is dying to move on to another type of situation with you, something more…intense, a different contact.

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