Here we tell you what to do so that your patience does not end. Has it happened to you? Have they ever left you in the middle of an important conversation? Whether or not your partner, this action is usually one of the most annoying that women can suffer because we feel helpless when we see the blue popcorn in the conversation, when it comes to our partner, we want to have wings or run to look for him to see what does or because he doesn’t answer, and find him to face him because he doesn’t answer, but calm down with that you don’t solve anything.

If this happens to you, you should know that the reaction you feel is normal, but something childish, perhaps, you are behaving like an immature and tantrum girl and you should take action on the matter to be able to control yourself in some way, that is why we offer you some suggestions that you can take when this happens to you, only then you will let yourself be seen as a mature woman.

Suggestion number one:

If your partner has not answered you with the first message, do not insist with more messages, perhaps he simply cannot answer because he has something else to do at work or school and even his phone could run out of data or wi-fi network, he also knows He could have downloaded his phone, and in those circumstances it is difficult for him to answer you, be calm, give him time, you will see that as soon as he can he will answer you and explain the reasons for his delay in answering you and even when leaving you in “seen” be intentional, don’t beg, or claim, it’s not worth it, better calm down, control yourself and prepare for whatever comes.

Suggestion number two:

Never tell him or complain yelling, why don’t you answer me?! aside from the fact that they won’t solve anything that way, it’s better to control your emotions, because if your partner has decided not to answer you, it’s for a reason. Do not try to find out what he was doing or with whom he was, so as not to answer you in a timely manner, once again we recommend you not to insist, if he trusts you enough he will tell you what he was doing and what was the reason why he did not answer you, but I repeat you must always remain calm, if there is any logical explanation, your partner will tell you, be patient and if not, you will already evaluate how to act, but calm is your greatest ally in any situation.

Suggestion number three:

If too much time has passed, for example more than 24 hours without answering, here you may begin to lose your temper, because with so much insecurity you think that something bad has happened to him, so for you to be calm, it is time to take another option, send him a message or call him, but remember not to complain.

Remember that no one owns anyone, so if this happens to you you should ask him how he is or wish him a nice day, analyze his answer and think about what suits you, but whatever his answer, don’t get upset, behave like a woman mature also behave as you would like them to do with you.

Suggestion number four:

Do not assume anything at all until that person tells you what he was doing, women tend to use our imagination a lot in these situations, we create a thousand stories in our heads, who is he talking to? , he doesn’t love me anymore, he already changed me for another and thousands of other things, but do you know something? Most of the time it is false, totally false, try to control yourself and do an activity that clears your mind, for example go to the beauty salon and get that makeover you have been postponing for so long, read that dusty book you have In your bureau you will see that your partner or that person will contact you immediately, so keep calm, no matter what happens.

Suggestion number five:

Do not make dramas, most men, they are always very busy, at school, working, even resting, they do not give so much importance to “seen” in messages, sometimes they do it without thinking, they cannot do more than one thing at a time, so if they are working, he will probably read your message in passing and not answer it, he will leave it for later, but since he is very busy, he will forget.

But that does not mean that he is with another woman or that he has forgotten about you, so calm down, nothing happens, a mature woman does not do childish dramas, because she is sure of what she is and what she is worth, but she is also very intelligent and If she knows that something is happening, she will complain to you, because she knows that she is right.

Suggestion number six:

If it is a friend or relative who leaves you in sight, you must also remain calm, if they always leave you in sight, they do not answer your greetings, they do not answer any questions, it is better that you stop talking to them and let them be the ones who talk, don’t take it personally, only they know what the reason for their silence is, so forget the fact that life goes on.

I think it’s important that before we panic because someone left us on “seen” we have to understand that sometimes people are busy, we will never know the real reason why they did not answer us, unless people tell us, So we can stop assuming and making drama.

Of course, for most women, acting in this way is not always easy, because they are won over by the tantrum, screaming, angry, detective, and jealous girl that they all carry inside, you have to have a lot of maturity, self-esteem and self-confidence itself, on the other hand everyone knows their partner and knows what their behavior or way of communicating is, for which they will be able to identify what kind of “seen” it is, we are not saying that you have to allow abuse or abuse, but without a doubt, Whatever the reason, you must remain calm and rise to the occasion at all times.

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