It all starts on the lips. The first roses, the first touches; The lips are that magical sensory door that allows us to quench the thirst of the expectation that we have regarding that person that attracts us so much. The kiss has the powerful key that opens the doors of pleasure, where all the senses flow and are on the surface, especially taste, touch and smell.



Human beings have developed an infinite number of kisses, according to the feelings that link us to people: tender and sweet kisses, passionate and dedicated kisses, sweeping sexual kisses, there can be many with the name we want to give them.

Here we share some tips so you can give the best kisses

Find the best posture

It is always good that, naturally, they seek to accommodate themselves in the best way and as they feel most comfortable. Don’t be aware of that either, let yourself be carried away by the emotion of the moment.

Never forget to be aware of your breath and oral hygiene

There is nothing that makes such an unpleasant bad impression as kissing someone with bad breath. There are aromas that even attract more than others, take care of the detail that the breath is good, it is even recommended that you have a piece of gum or menthol candy in your wallet.


It is essential, following the line of aromas, that he perceives a delicate and attractive aroma in you. Do not use perfumes with very intense aromas, but among the line of sweet aromas, there are many fragrances that can make that special kiss for the first time, with the person you like, unforgettable. Keep in mind that memories often come from aromas.

The importance of timing

If it is a sweet kiss, try to make it soft, slow, without pressing your lips too tight. If it is a very passionate kiss, just let yourself be carried away by the emotions that you are feeling at that moment.

Beyond the kiss: a good kiss

The best kisses are those that awaken the most spontaneous caresses. The opportune moment of the kiss and the reciprocity that you obtain from your partner will allow you to accompany that kiss, almost as a form of complement, with the caresses that that moment requires, soft and slow, almost like the touch of velvet or intense and snatched if it is the passion that is arising.

What kind of kiss does your partner like the most?

When you connect more with him, find out which kiss he likes the most. It’s good that you go knowing that he likes it and that he doesn’t. You can talk about it with him, the dialogue strengthens the couple and these are not minor details, you may overlook them at first, but later it will be necessary to adjust certain things, certain rules and the rhythm of both.

 The use of language

Keep in mind that at first you must kiss gently, slowly and carefully. Let the tongue enter the scene at the right moment, although each couple learns to recognize the rhythm of the kiss with which they feel most comfortable.

The kiss as a surprise factor

Surprise your partner with a kiss when it is not predictable, when they least expect it. That is usually nice for the recipient. You can interrupt a conversation, approach without realizing it, they are always opportune moments for the kiss to take center stage.

Enjoying a kiss is the first thing that makes the couple learn what the other is like, the first contact that allows them to recognize each other and open the doors of great passions.

What are the benefits that kisses bring?

Believe it or not, kissing has more positive elements than mutual recognition with your partner and opening the way to pleasure. Many studies have shown that kissing has important health benefits.

The decrease in stress

Thus, the kiss facilitates the stimulation of certain areas of the brain, which in turn allow some substances that cause well-being to be released, which also has its share of intervention and importance when it comes to the appearance of depression. this stimulus decreases it.

The anxiety

As with stress, anxiety can be diminished or at least controlled in a positive way.

The diseases

The entire immune system is activated with the stimuli generated by the kiss. The body receives them and incredibly favors the reduction of diseases.

The adrenaline

Kisses also allow adrenaline to be released into the blood system, which occurs with the increase in heart rate.

The exchange of saliva

The circulation of abundant saliva in the mouth favors the elimination of oral bacteria.

facial movements

Deep and intense kisses activate the facial muscles that are toned, favoring the face and appearance.

some kinds of kisses

  • Kiss with tongue (French Kiss) When it is intended to give the kiss more intensity and go through the mouth of the couple.
  • Beso Pegado : It is about slowly taking with the lips, the lips of the couple.
  • Leaning kiss : Here both will have to lean for the kiss to advance.
  • Opposite kiss : When the two lead the head in the opposite direction to the other to reach to kiss.
  • Suction kiss : It is the kiss that allows you to take one of the lips of the couple and press.
  • Tempting kiss : It is the kiss that invites passion, since it is about kissing the couple intensely without leaving it.
  • Pressure kiss : With the tongue as the main protagonist, part of the lips is brushed with the fingers.
  • Contact kiss : When the lips of the couple are quickly covered with the tongue.
  • Kiss with bite : It is the kiss with which the other’s lips are nibbled, without so much intensity, but inevitably summoning passion to the scene.
  • Passionate kiss : It is the kiss in which all the resources come into play to reach the gates of pleasure. The caresses, the hugs and the rhythm increases little by little.

Remember that kissing is an art, the kind of work of art in which you learn by two to walk the paths of pleasure and love.

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