There are many myths about masturbation. For example, our parents used to be told that masturbation made them go blind. This is one of the many myths that have been said throughout history. Although now that we are a little more open, we have realized that everything is a lie and that there is nothing wrong with masturbation. It must be clear that masturbation is something natural to the human being.

Is it bad to masturbate excessively?

Like everything in life, everything must have limits. In other words, excessive and continuous masturbation can cause health problems . For this reason, I recommend that you always perform masturbation within certain limits.

Excessive masturbation by men can have some local consequences . These consequences will have to be treated by the urologist, who will first recommend the patient to reduce the number of repetitions of masturbation per day. This is because excessive masturbation can cause genital injuries. These can be mild, although if the masturbation continues over time, they can become important.

You must be clear that penile injuries will occur first. But if the excesses continue, this can cause injuries to the preputial frenulum. Remember, the frenulum is a small piece of skin that is located between the glans area and the meatus. This small piece of skin can be torn during masturbation, although it is true that it tends to be much more common when masturbations are carried out in excess and this union is seriously compromised. The truth is that the bleeding is very striking, especially when the tear occurs when the penis is erect. In the event that this problem occurs, the patient has to go urgently to the emergency room to stop the bleeding. When the bleeding ends, the specialist will have to do a frenuloplasty. This small intervention will prevent the injury from occurring,

Another problem of excessive masturbation can be given by lymphedema . Lymphedema is an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the tissues. If the person masturbates a lot, it is likely that the liquid may be affected and consequently cause inflammation in the part of the glans and or of the foreskin. To put an end to the problem, it will be necessary to put pressure on the affected area and rest. To avoid greater evils, you will also have to go to the specialist.

Other problems that excessive masturbation can cause are small cuts and especially abrasions . These problems are much easier to control, thanks to the fact that with rest and topical treatments they will return to normal in a few days. The problem is that sometimes these types of problems can look like sexually transmitted diseases. This can frighten the patient, especially if he has just recently had a relationship with a person. If this is your case, the best thing you can do is go to a professional to study the case and determine what the real problem is. So you can get rid of doubts quickly and with the advice of the specialist you can quickly return to normal.

According to the latest studies, it has been shown that some people are more prone to problems due to excessive masturbation than others . Normally, the most prone people are those who have diabetic problems or patients with immunosuppression. This is because they have a lower immune system, hence they may be a little more prone to any type of injury from excessive masturbation.

As you have seen, excessive masturbation is not good , because it can create local problems and if these are not treated in time, they can create more important problems. But this should not take away the desire to masturbate. Masturbation is good for the human being, as long as it is done within certain limits and without exceeding the recommended pressures. You should not forget that if a person is masturbating you and does it with too much force, you should always ask them to stop or lower the intensity to avoid pain and possible problems.

To finish, I want to make it clear that in the event that a person suffers a problem due to excessive masturbation, they should not stay home out of shame. You always have to go to the specialist to study the problem and give us the best remedies to get back to normal. Above all, you have to go to the emergency urologist if there has been a small tear and this is creating bleeding. Hemorrhages in this area are not easy to stop, hence the help of medical services is important.

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