All women dream of firm, shapely, voluminous legs, but most of us have difficulties with the discipline that must be had to achieve them. The mere fact that we think about going to the gym or getting up earlier to get some exercise, makes us feel exhausted that we cannot overcome. Don’t worry, we all go through the same thing. It is even normal that we have days when it is difficult for us to get out of bed. That is why we are going to explain how to do exercises while we are enjoying being in our bed. In addition, we are going to show a series of exercises that include working the abdomen, so you will have no more excuses.

If you are one of the people who find it difficult to exercise, it is most likely because you do not see so many benefits. Some of them are having an enviable body, being able to face stress situations with a much better disposition, having the possibility of doing a recreational activity and different from what you are used to doing, etc. There are millions of reasons to start exercising, you just have to find the one that motivates you. Now that you are a little more motivated about exercise, we recommend you continue reading this routine so you can see if it is the one that best suits your needs.


The first thing you should do is find a quick and effective way to start. Regardless of the physical activity that you are about to carry out, even if it is of low intensity, the most important thing when you start is to do a good warm-up.

Warming up is very important for the muscles, as it anticipates the body so that it can do activities that require more effort. It also helps avoid frequent injuries that are the product of making efforts abruptly.

That’s why you should start by stretching for a few seconds so that you can then start with a series of sit-ups. Lie up straight on the bed and bend your knees. Then, put your hands behind the neck, but without pressing it. When you’re in the proper position, begin to bring your torso toward your knees and then lower slowly, with control. The idea is that you do this movement for 3 series, 30 repetitions each.


Now we go with the second exercise. As it says in the title, it consists of doing bicycle sit-ups, with the aim of working the resistance in both the legs and the abdominals.

We recommend getting into a V position with your torso leaning back and placing your legs slightly elevated. The exercise then consists of you moving your legs in a similar way to pedaling a bicycle. The idea is that you execute 25 repetitions in series of 4. And also, between each series you can rest for about 30 seconds. Try not to rest too much between sessions, as that takes the edge off the workout.


What comes next is to work the legs and the buttocks in the same exercise. The correct position to do it is facing the floor, lean only on the palms (stretch the arms) and the knees. When you are well placed in the position continue with the next step.

The movement consists of you moving your leg, bending your knee and raising it laterally until it is at hip height. Then lower your leg slowly and with control. Then do the same exercise with the left leg. Remember that in order to get the results you want, it is very important that you perform the movement slowly.

The idea is that you do 25 reps of 4 sets.


We are now at the last exercise. To finish this routine, we will do two planks for 30 seconds each.

To do the plank position well, you must lie face down, resting only your feet and forearms on the ground. Then raise your body. Once you are in the position you must wait for about 30 seconds. If at first you can’t stand the position for so long, the idea is that you start from a number of seconds that suits you and then increase the time as your body asks you.

Of all the exercises, this is the one that burns the most fat and therefore, you will probably feel it intensely. Do not be discouraged if you do not manage to do the whole routine at first, since the most important thing is first to start exercising and then to maintain a frequency that seems comfortable to you and that also helps you achieve your own goals.

Remember that women do not feel the same every day, so it is good that you listen to your body, according to the needs it may have and that you respect them.

Finally, after doing the routine, we recommend that you stretch and take a shower so that you can start the day thanking yourself for having done something concrete to take care of your body and that it also helps you to face a new day. .

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