So, farewell sex is very good when the breakup of the relationship is in a healthy way and without fights. It will be an ideal way to summarize everything that was and make it end with a smile. On rare occasions, making farewell love has also served to unite those people who had thought about separating, but who after having sex have realized that they still love each other and that, perhaps, they should give each other a chance again. the relationship. The best thing is that you do not have illusions or enter into an argument, because many of the couples who have returned after goodbye sex sooner or later have definitively and forever ended the relationship.


Goodbye sex can be very good for all the reasons we have discussed in favor of it. However, remember that you are ending a relationship because it is not working. Having relationships again can mean that one of the two believes that there is still one last chance for things to be fixed again and you will not get to close this sentimental relationship completely. It may also be that you are the one who hurts in the feelings that your partner wants to have sex one more time, if he is ending the relationship with you, you may not understand why he wants to have sex one more time and you may feel used. This is very important to keep in mind if you are the one asking your partner (or now ex-partner) to make love for the last time. You may feel used or used and not fully understand why you want to do it. If he still feels something for you and believes that he can recover you, the safest thing is that he will agree, but if he does it for these reasons (or it is you who does it) the safest thing is that it will hurt even more later when he sees that there is nothing What to do to save the relationship.

So both of you should be completely sure to do it as a way to seal the relationship, to summarize all the good and bad things that happened to you with a good time when making love, but that after this there will no longer be a bond between you. two. If the relationship is ending in a very negative way and the discussion and the bad words have always been present, it is best that you do not end the relationship with farewell sex, but that each one makes his life independently from the moment that you have decided to cut . In this type of relationship where negativity is constant, it is better not to continue feeding a toxic love with discussion that does you more harm than good. You can even

We must be very careful not to fall into the dynamic of having farewell sex and then resume the relationship, because this type of love is not at all positive for us. That we only feel like having sex with a person when we are about to lose them does not mean that we love them, but rather that this situation of tension and loss is the only thing that attracts us to them. It is very important not to get into this loop because it will be more and more difficult to get out and finally one day you or your partner may want to break the relationship permanently or find another person and that will be much more painful for both of you. Another negative factor will be that your partner only wants to have farewell sex with you because he can’t have it with anyone else. Then he can fall into the habit of calling you every time he wants to have sex, but he won’t want to go back to the relationship, he just needs to sleep with someone and you will be someone he knows and knows that you probably won’t be able to say no to him. Do not let him play with your feelings, if he wants to be with you you should resume the relationship, otherwise, if he only wants sex he should look for someone else, because it is not good for you to have farewell relationships after having broken a relationship since it is not It doesn’t let you move on with your life or find someone else to start another happy romantic relationship with. Therefore, it is only up to you if you want to have goodbye sex. Don’t feel bad for your partner or let them make you feel used or used.

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