Let’s start from the fact that love is undoubtedly the force that moves the world and no one is exempt from finding a partner who truly loves him and complements him to the point that each day the two can be better people.

That is why if you are believing that reaching 40 years of age is forgetting about love or intimate relationships, we must tell you that you are wrong. In this short article we will show you why.

Now, we have to tell you that there are many people who are reaching the fourth floor, and others are already there. The big concern is, can I find a partner at this age? Of course! It is only a matter of analyzing the following tips and you will understand that a person with that experience may have more luck than you imagine.

1. At 40 you are a person sure of what you want and what you have to give.

And this is indeed a point in favor, because the existential crises have already been overcome, at this age both men and women are very clear about who we are and what we have to offer another person.

2. You are more subtle to say what you feel and you know how to detect the signs of people who only want to use you, this will help you to undertake the withdrawal as only you know how to do it.

The four decades of learning about life have already served us for something and that is why we develop the ability to say things in the right way and at the right time, and what is better we become emotionally intelligent beings, with more self-love and with the ability to perceive without so much effort what definitely does not suit us.

3. You must ignore all those people who keep saying that the train has already passed you and that you are not going to catch even those who are on horseback, those are toxic expressions that, if you pay attention to them, you will deny yourself the opportunity to experience new adventures in love.

Under no circumstances can we believe that, because the best weapon to get a good partner is an excellent attitude towards life, that is why we must remove all mental and social blocks, since at 40 there is still a lot of material to cut and time to enough to be happy and better human beings.

4. If at the age of 40 you feel frustrated for not finding a partner, you should change your habits and your routines to meet new people, do not get involved in the same friends. Dare to study cooking, or go to another gym! Small changes will make a difference in your life.

This is great advice, we must expand our circle of friends and undertake things that allow us to open ourselves to new experiences, since it is most likely that different people will come into our lives.

5. It is good that you have a high expectation of what you want to find in your life, but also give yourself the opportunity that those people who do not fit on that list as you ask for it, surprise you with other things that you may like, the look , his smell, his laugh and why not, also his madness can attract you.

At this age it is very important not to be prejudiced and to understand that a person can develop the potential to be our ideal partner.

6. At age 40 you have old friends with whom you had a lot of fun, revisit that place you liked so much, you can enjoy being a formal man with fun as a young man.

This is a good strategy without having to look ridiculous, because we are not going to believe twenty years old, but the truth is that everything in moderation can be used favorably.

7. If you are a woman, you can still be attractive, a mature woman will always have looks everywhere, it’s just a matter of letting yourself be conquered.

Worry and strive every day to look better, healthier and that will trigger being much more attractive to the opposite sex.

8. Do not procrastinate so much about the future, now is the time to invite that person who catches your attention to a homemade dinner, prepare something simple and enjoy good company, remember that a good wine makes even people talk. stones.

9. Another aspect that you should get out of your mind is that because you are 40, your libido goes away, and you are already thinking about withdrawing, no sir, none of that you have the vitality to give movement to that bed, to the point of misaligning it. It is a matter of being brave, getting out of your comfort zone and cultivating the habit of discerning in all the decisions you make in your life.

10. Finally I remind you that the best thing about a single man or woman is that they have control of your life, how and when you decide, you have a job, you have the weapons that many of the young people do not, use them and strive to be happy every moment of your life, because being happy is a decision and having a good attitude towards anything that comes our way can become the best of lifestyles. Never give up, do not settle and understand that every day is an opportunity for you, to be happy.

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