When the word depilation is mentioned, many of us remember the areas that we secretly checked, right? They do not have to be ashamed since they are perfectly normal, I assure you that many women have the same problem, and those who do not, well, we really envy them. It is important to shave with the right product, since most of the time the hairs appear thicker and in greater quantity, there are so many types of hair removal products, including the way of laser hair removal, each woman decides the Waxing method depends on your time and taste. It happened to them that they shave with wax but in a hurry they opted for the razor, right?

Whether it’s waxing, tweezing, hair removal cream, threading, laser hair removal or whatever technique you use to remove those pesky hairs, hair removal in general is a nightmare for us women. We don’t want anyone to see even an inch of our hair, how horrible!

We have made a list of five places on our body that we secretly shave. There may be more, but these are the ones we know the most about.

On the fingers of the hands . These uncomfortable hairs that grow on our hands have always been there and although we shave them, they grow back longer and in greater quantity. Don’t worry, I have a piece of advice that doesn’t need a wax or a razor. The next time you go to a beauty salon, ask them to lighten the hair on your arms, ask them to put a little product on your hands as well, since the hair is finer on the hands, it is likely that they will remove it. the dye of the hands first, and that’s it, they will no longer be noticeable and you no longer need a razor.

nape _ Girls who like to put their hair up have a task with the neck area. Right in the back, it is visible to others when we lift our hair, small hairs grow that form a dark layer, which can be mistaken for dirt, and clearly nobody wants that. As it is a delicate area of ​​our body, some remove it with wax. You can also use the same advice, only be careful, that the dye does not go to your hair.

Low back . If you wear pants or skirts at hip height, you should be careful with this particular area. Right in the center there are some hairs that are in bad taste, especially when we go to the beach, very annoying. An electric razor is a good option since it removes hair in greater quantity better than a razor, ask a family member or a friend for help, since it will be difficult to do it yourself, and do not try it because you can cut yourself.

Front . In some people, the hairline starts lower than in others. This means that the scalp starts in the middle of the forehead, instead of starting a little further back. In other people, however, the hair forms a fluff that extends towards the face. These pesky hairs are too dark to hide. Our grandmothers used to say that the little hairs that grew on our foreheads are because we always stop with all our hair on our faces. In this case, I recommend removing with the same rake with which we usually remove our also very annoying hairs in the upper part of the mouth. Even with threading it is also possible to remove most of these fine hairs, just do a test and you will see.

in the breasts . It has surely happened to you and you wanted to change your skin. In the middle of our breasts appears an uncomfortable hair that can be dark or blonde. With tweezers we can remove it, but it reappears, do not use wax as this area is quite sensitive and the skin is very thin, we do not want to hurt the breasts. If you ask for an appointment with a dermatologist, he can tell you a very good option, if the hairs are in enough quantity and it simply bothers you that they reappear, the dermatologist will give you a treatment to temporarily remove them with laser, for months and even one year. They are not removed in one session, but it is worth it.

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