Throughout our lives we are going to meet all kinds of people, and one of the personalities that we must take care of the most, is a toxic being. Now, the problem generally lies in the fact that we do not recognize these individuals in time, because when we realize what is happening in our lives, we are already in love and our reason is clouded because of that feeling, then we see princes where there were always toads. And by the time we begin to reflect on the circumstances in which we are living, everything has already happened in our lives, especially things that initially seem negative to us, but with the passing of days we get the best out of them and we finish realizing that thanks to everything we had to go through for that person, today we are wiser, more mature and stronger. And it is that falling in love with a toxic person can be a complete martyrdom because there is a feeling involved. That is why today we give you five tips so that you can erase that bad love once and for all from your mind, heart and soul.

MAKE A LIST This is the first step and one of the most important of all because it is when we begin to recognize that something is wrong in our lives and that we owe the greatest percentage to our relationship. Consequently, it is very convenient that you give yourself some time alone to reflect on your entire relationship and make a list with the pros and cons of continuing or not with him. Try to remember all the good and bad things that happened together. Carefully observe each point you wrote and if the result is that the bad things far outweigh the good things, very surely you will realize that it is not worth having such a person as a partner, because it does not contribute anything to your growth personal, but the opposite happens, thanks to him every day you are a worse person and you are sadder and more bitter.

GET AWAY FROM HIM It is very common for a toxic man to be an expert in the art of manipulation, so if you make a decision and after talking to him, you end up accepting his conditions, we recommend that you get away as quickly as possible, because otherwise you will be locked in a vicious circle that will never end, with a person who does not love himself and for that reason will never be able to love you as you deserve. Here the important thing is that you are aware that he is not toxic because he wants to be, these are learned behaviors, from traumas that he has not been able to resolve since childhood or adolescence, in short, there can be so many factors that play an important role in personality and character of that human being, who has not healed his heart and this has somewhat damaged his mind and the way he conceives the world and the people around him.

ELIMINATE HIM One of the best things you can do is to cut off all kinds of contact with that person, so don’t think that eliminating him is an act of immaturity, on the contrary, it is what you need most to prevent him from contacting you and to that you do not fall into the temptation of watching everything he does. And if this is the case and you still feel something for that man, because we know that the heart has reasons that reason does not understand, then do not look at his Facebook or Instagram because he will remake his life and it will hurt a lot. Give time to time and let everything pass, that although it seems that the world is ending, that will not be the end but the beginning of your new life without that heavy burden that a bad relationship generates.

DISCARD EVERYTHING Make no exceptions and throw away all letters, teddy bears, chocolates, delete mail, etc. Everything, absolutely everything he has given you, throw it away or give it away to a person who really needs it. A toxic person usually always leaves hidden messages within his details so that when you see him you want to return to his arms. Do not fall into that temptation!

BEGIN AGAIN Last but not least, we recommend that you take the necessary time to live your mourning, do not get into a relationship too soon because you have feelings on the surface and you do not want to harm someone innocent with false hopes. Give your heart time to heal and during that time of reflection work on strengthening your self-love and self-esteem, learn to know yourself better and recognize all the potential you have as a person; work every day to strengthen your weaknesses and strengthen your strengths much more. So when you decide to start over you will be a strong and happy person, you will understand that you don’t need anyone but you to achieve it, but if he comes and makes your life better, welcome. That if Convince yourself that you are worth a lot!

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