Breaking one is not a drama but it is certainly something annoying. It can be solved by cutting it, but there is a remedy to not have to do it —especially when you want to wear long and painted. It’s about the tea bag trick, known for a long time but that a video posted on the Facebook page Eyeliner Addict has become viral: in a week it already reaches 30 million views. All it takes is a tea bag and nail polish to make that broken one look like new.

What happens if after having done a manicure you break one just when you have an important event? You are not going to stop showing off your manicure just because a part of it has been damaged.

This usually happens, especially when you have long nails and they split in half. For this reason, we are going to teach you from here a little trick to repair a broken one in a simple, fast and lasting way.

How to easily repair a one in three minutes

It will not be necessary to cut one, especially if you want to leave it long for a special event. Also, if you cut it where it has broken you can cause damage or leave one with spikes.

You will need to:

– A tea bag. – Transparent enamel or top coat. – Pair of scissors. – A file. – And a cotton swab or eyebrow tweezers. As you can see, to begin with, the materials you need are very common and easy to find.

We explain in detail how to use them below;

The first step is to clean and dry the nail well to remove any traces of nail polish. You can do it only with water or also with alcohol. Then cut the tea bag in the shape of your one (you have to empty the content of the bag and cut out one side). You can help yourself by tracing the shape of one with a pencil on paper. Apply the clear nail polish all over the nail. Next, stick the piece of the tea bag on top of the broken one, covering it completely. To help you stick it, help yourself with tweezers or a cotton swab, as shown in the video (if you push it with your finger it will stick). Let it dry. Cut the excess of the tea bag (flush with one) and apply another layer of transparent enamel on top.

Finally, let it dry completely. Gently polish with a file the roughness that may have remained so that it is completely smooth. What you have done is reinforce your one with a layer that allows you to repaint and decorate it however you want. Now you can apply the base coat and polish you want.

In the following video you can see the entire procedure.

The goal is for the fabric of the tea bag to be fully integrated into the surface of the nail, uniting the broken part with the rest. There are other faster ways to repair a broken one, such as simply applying a little bit of nail glue just where it was broken and filing afterwards, but that way you do not ensure that your fix will last, especially if you break one in half. You can also try this technique with clear nail polish instead of nail glue. Now you know how to repair a broken one easily in three minutes. As you can see, it is not complicated and it will not take much time. Also, if you use a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone, the fix can last you a few color changes. If, on the contrary, your idea was not to give it color and leave it natural, it is also possible,

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