There are many types of necklaces that surely fascinate you, but have you stopped to think if they are all perfect for all types of necklines? What many do not know is that necklaces allow us to highlight or complement an outfit, but they also help to stylize the neck and enhance the face.

Although not all girls are fans of fashion, it is certain that women in general like to look good and when it comes to dressing, it is good to take necklaces into account. They are really a great accessory, but you must be careful when combining your clothes because you must know that for each neckline there is a necklace, discover which ones they are.

If you are new to this and still do not know how to choose the best necklace, before starting with the necklines I will give you some tips that you should keep in mind when doing it:

* The accessories should always go depending on the occasion, it is not the same to choose a necklace for the pool than to go to a night event.

* Keep in mind that less is more. For example: if you have a dress that attracts attention, it is better to choose simpler types of necklaces to harmonize or simply not wear any. But if you choose a very simple dress or look, you can choose a necklace that stands out from the rest.

Turtleneck or turtleneck:

This type of neckline looks great in winter and goes very well with long or large necklaces. The most successful thing is to bet on long necklaces, XXL necklaces or also called maxi necklaces, have fun wearing a necklace that has several chains, beads and you can even mix different necklaces to give it a personal and very original touch.

Opt for designs that are in harmony with the style and colors of your clothes, taking into account that the necklace should not be longer than the navel because it will make you look shorter.

Strapless or strapless neckline:

This type of neckline gives the freedom to combine it with various types of necklaces. From a simple one to a choker, a striking necklace, short, long or with pendants.

But, the most successful necklace is the one that is collected above the neckline, since the ideal is that they always remain on the skin, if you risk a longer one, in addition to not favoring you, it will not highlight the dress. Opt for chokers, they will greatly stylize your neck and shoulders, also choose shades that stand out on the dress and give light to your face.

Boat neckline:

This is one of the most elegant necklines, therefore, the ideal is not to overload the neckline too much. It is best to opt for small and simple necklaces, which are knotted close to the neck, without hanging too much. Stay away from necklaces that are too big or ornate, because the simplest ones will make you look longer and more stylized, less is more.

Round neck:

There is no better necklace than one that has the same shape as the neckline, in this case round. Bib-type necklaces look great, and even more so if they are short and should be framed within the neckline and on the skin, it will favor you a lot. Chokers are also a good option, encourage yourself to choose colors that contrast with your clothes and enhance your outfit.

* Round neckline: In the case where the neck is round, but with a pronounced neckline, you can have fun choosing short necklaces with earrings. The beads fall freely and add a fun touch to your look.


Deep or V necklines visually increase the chest, so they also look good with different types of necklaces, but these should not be longer than the neckline. This way you will look much slimmer and taller than if you bet on necklaces that do not respect the harmony of the neckline. Whether single chain, pendant or beaded selections, just make sure the necklace falls according to the neckline. If you have a large bust, it is best to choose a long necklace that goes beyond the neckline and stylizes the body.

Square neckline:

Although the square neckline is very common, you should be careful because it makes your shoulders appear wider. This looks better with short necklaces and chokers that help to stylize the neck and show off in the skin area, I recommend that you bet on necklaces that are large and slightly long, always above the neckline. Adopt colors and designs that flatter your features, adapting to your personality, your style and also the tone of your skin.

With one shoulder in the air or Bardot:

These types of blouses are usually somewhat complicated, for them asymmetrical necklaces are the ideal option, especially those that allow you to play with the size of the length and the type of fall, if you do not have these necklaces then opt for short and simple ones .

Neckline with spaghetti straps:

When we wear a neckline with thin straps, we see more skin than normal, so it is best that the necklace shines within the frame of the dress on the skin. The types of wide necklaces are usually successful, to cover the uncovered part of the neckline. If you wish, you can choose a longer measurement that reaches the edge of the garment or a choker adjusted to the neck.

Shirt collar:

Shirts are the best option if you want to look formal, and with the right accessories you can not only wear it to the office but also to go out with friends and some events. The best thing is that with this type of shirt neckline, by undoing one or two buttons (depending on the situation), you can wear almost any type of necklace. Choose short necklaces if you wear the shirt open or you can opt for a long one if you wear the shirt closed.


With this blouse avoid using very loaded accessories since you could see yourself very saturated. Use simple necklaces with narrow or small pendants, preferably short and with a single chain.

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