Friendship is a treasure that you have to know how to value, at least when we talk about a sincere friendship. To be friends it is not necessary to have the same blood or sign a contract, this is simply something that is built when people decide to share respect and trust with each other. “One of the most beautiful qualities of friendship is to understand and be understood” – Seneca.

Friends are those who in a nutshell help us survive in this sometimes difficult world. There are many kinds of friends, there is the one who always makes us laugh, the one who talks non-stop, there is always one who is quite calm and serene, there are also friends who usually give us invaluable advice, the one who always listens to us, the one who finds comfort in us, in short, there is no prototype of a friend, it can be any type of person.

Sometimes not everything is perfect with friends, sometimes there are frictions that make us doubt to the point of thinking, is she the one to be my friend?, but finally we miss her and feel an emptiness when they temporarily move away from us that pushes us to look for them. Next we will tell you 15 things that friends would always do for us:

1- Give the reason

For friends we are always right. Even when we are wrong they are always convinced that our decisions or points of view are correct, and if not, they know when to shut up and let us make our own mistakes, after all, they will be there to lend us a shoulder when we fail.

2- They will do what you ask

Sometimes, as ridiculous as what they ask us to do may seem, we always do it out of love for our friend. At first we can refuse to make the request, but it is almost certain that we will end up giving in.

3- They share your hate

As much as they don’t know why you “hate” that person, animal or thing, they are willing to hate in the same way that you do, simply because you are their friend and they try to think the same.

4- The first to know the “secret”

When a person reveals a secret to you, the first thing that comes to mind is to schedule an appointment with the best friend to tell her in detail what they have told us. She can’t be oblivious to finding out about it.

5- They don’t take long to hug you

In situations where we most need a friend’s hug, they always appear and without delay give us a long and reassuring hug.

6- They react the same

Sometimes it happens that we see or hear something and with our friend we react exactly the same way. At that moment we are convinced that we are almost sisters.

7- They always make us laugh

That’s what friends are for, to make us laugh at any time. They are teachers is to get that smile out of us even when we have had a dog day or go through a difficult situation.

8- Sometimes they shake us

For us, one of the most painful things is receiving a call from a friend. But from time to time it is good to receive a shock to teach a lesson or understand some things. Either way and even if it hurts, a friend who does that does it for our well-being.

9- They shout with emotion

A friend always tries to be similar to us, even in the way she reacts. If we scream with excitement they will too, as a sign that they share the same emotional state.

10- They are in hard times

With a friend we can fight, laugh, joke, but the best thing that person can do for us is to offer us their shoulder in the moments we need it most.

11- Share your joy

Despite women being a race characterized by competing with each other, it is clear that this does not happen between friends. They, on the contrary, celebrate our achievements as if they were their own.

12- They will not let them make fun of you

When there is a person who is teasing us or in any embarrassing situation, they will never allow people to laugh at their friends. They will always protect us tooth and nail.

13- They don’t get tired of talking

When we tell a friend something, it is likely that they will always ask us for a very detailed “report”. That is why sometimes we stay talking for hours and hours with our friends.


14- They are always there

Friends will always be there anywhere and anytime, even if you haven’t called them, you should always wait for them. For them, any time is ideal to catch up with us.

There are 14 reasons to love your friend even more. There may be arguments, disagreements, they may not see each other for a long time, but if she meets the “requirements” that we have mentioned, it is really worth having her as a friend of hers. For your part, try to also correspond to her so that the bond of friendship is much stronger.

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