Who decides that a love is forbidden? Society, the environment, the circumstances, prejudices… LOVE is capable of crossing any barrier , breaking down any wall, and when it does… what right do we have to stop it?

Everyone should live next to their true love, the love of their life. In this post we have compiled a series of phrases to dedicate to that forbidden love.

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27 Phrases to make a married man fall in love

1- I have you so close and I can’t touch you, I only dream of the moment when we can be together and unleash all our love.

2- You are a married man, something that should make it forbidden to send you messages of love but the thing is… you drive me crazy, really.

3- Your heart says YES, your head says NO, and you say I DON’T KNOW

4- Secret, forbidden, impossible. True and eternal.

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5- Although we love each other secretly, I know it’s a true love, because when I’m with you everything else ceases to exist.

6 -I want you to love me now, I want to love you knowing that you don’t belong to me, that life is short, that you can go, even if you want to stay.

7 – I want to be more than your lover, I want to write you phrases that speak of pure love even if it is impossible to love each other.

8- Sooner or later everyone meets their soulmate, that person who fills them with happiness, who makes them feel beautiful inside and out. Even though I found you late, for me, that person is you.

9- Without fear of what people might think or say, I gave you my whole life. I don’t know if I’ll pay for it in another life, but in this one I’m happy.

10- It hurts me to have to write messages or phrases that I cannot publish to the world when that is what I would most like today. It hurts me to have to write that I love you and that only you know it, although that comforts me for today.

11- This secret between you and me is consuming my soul, I love you above all the things that exist in the world and I would give my life so that it never ends.

12- There is no IMPOSSIBLE LOVE, there are people who are unable to fight until the end for their LOVE.

13- I always knew that you were a forbidden love, but in the few times that I had you by my side I was completely happy.

14- No one has dominion over love, but love dominates all things.

15- I love you for many reasons, and although we cannot tell the world that we love each other, I want you to know that I will always love you.

16- A secret love is not what I would like to live with you, rather you know it better than anyone, but I refuse to have a life without you. I hope that one day this changes and the world publishes that our love will become eternal.

17- If you knew how difficult it is to tell others that you are only my friend!

18- Impossible that we can hide the love we feel, whoever sees us feels that we love each other.

19- It is hard to look and see how other couples without fear walk holding hands, how they kiss and hug in the street. I hate not being able to live that with you, I hate that we can’t live that reality, I hate my frustration.

20- We love each other secretly and hidden, but I know that our love is true, because when I am by your side everything else stops having importance.

21- Friendship between us is impossible because our hearts already speak of love.

22- When we met, I was afraid that I liked you. When I liked you, I was afraid to kiss you. When I kissed you, I was afraid of falling in love. And today that I am in love with you, I am afraid that you will forget me.

23- Nothing is impossible and more when it is a forbidden love the more we fight to achieve it.

24- Sharing the same roof, cooking, laughing, fighting, bathing, caressing, eating, kissing, hating, loving each other without anyone knowing. Just you and me. I know that day will come.

25- My greatest wish is to be able to sleep next to you, dream of forever with you and get up being kissed by your delicate lips.

26- When I saw you the first time, I was afraid to meet you. When I met you at the end, I was afraid to kiss you. When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you. And now that I love you, I’m terrified of not having you.

27- I want your kisses and I can’t kiss you, I need your hugs and I can’t hug you, although no one can stop me from dreaming of you, loving you, loving you…

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