Falling in love with a married man and leaving him is not easy at all, these types of situations drag us to fall in love and get attached to a person who already has an owner. They usually bring problems and concerns to your life, and although your feelings were surely pure, those of the other person remain in a doubtful aspect, these stories almost never end well.

If you want to forget about your married lover and recover your normal life, we have several tips that can help you get out of the vicious circle in which you find yourself:

-Be firm in your decision:

Surely going back to the same would be easy if you’re still in love or still wanting it. Married men always try to drag their lover back to him and continue with the two women he has chosen, promising the lover that he will leave his wife this time and all that you have heard before. Do not be fooled and do not think of falling into the same game again, because this relationship will not end with the happy ending that you deserve and you and your family will suffer.

-Take some time:

The best remedy to forget a love is to take time for yourself. Enjoy outings with your friends or colleagues and concentrate on the moment, without looking at your phone thinking if you are writing to him or he is going to write to you. Try not to fall into alcohol, because it brings out feelings and this can lead you to look for it in a drunken state. You can also go on vacation alone or with friends, since traveling takes you away from your daily routine and clears your mind, thus giving you a new vision of life and problems. I recommend that you go with one of your friends and get into the plane of fun to relax your mind and body to a state of calm. Depression and suffering take your mental state away from happiness.

– Find new hobbies:

When we leave a love behind, a change is made in our lives, we close a stage and start another, so enjoy a new cycle and look for new things that you would like to do and have never done. It can be from a sport, to collecting specific things. By changing the cycle and daily activities, we lose the association with previously experienced feelings and situations, since most of the time it is the trigger that makes us feel bad.

-Get your old friends back:

It is proven by psychologists that when starting a new relationship we lose about two friends due to many factors. Whether it is the time you spend with this new person or because they did not fit with your new partner, or because your friends wisely advised you not to get involved with a married person, so take advantage of looking for those old friends and catch up with them . Returning to your comfort zone with your old friends helps you cope much better with a breakup.

-Give yourself some time to be alone:

You will surely think that you need a company, a normal man or simply a nail to distract your mind, but that is not the best way to deal with the situation. We advise you to give yourself some time alone and heal all the wounds that your lover has left so that you can objectively distinguish what you want and what you don’t in the future. In addition, you must give yourself time to get to know yourself and discover who you are without that person and without a partner. After going through a situation like this, you should start working on your self-esteem and discover what your future goals are, for you and for the partner you will soon have.

-Meet new people:

Meeting other types of people and environments gives you a broad and different perspective than what you were used to. Probably if you just broke up a few days ago, it will seem boring to talk and meet any man you are not interested in, but after a while, you will find it fun to have conversations and dates with new people and men. It may be that you meet new men in the gym, in dance classes or in any activity that you are developing. Give yourself a chance to get to know people and for them to get to know you before starting a new relationship.

Avoid seeing him again.

It’s not that you have to avoid going to places you like to go to or that you will hang out with him, but don’t date him. To overcome a relationship there is a psychological measure of 18 months, in which for many, it is not even enough. If you have already made the decision to let him get on with your life, seeing him could throw back all the effort you are making to get ahead and be happy without him. If you consider seeing him, remember everything you have suffered being the other woman and listening to broken promises. All the tears, pain and tension that he brought into your life without any good intentions.

fall in love again:

Don’t push things or force relationships. There is nothing wrong with being alone, because the important thing is to find the right way in the unexpected way. If you’ve dated a couple of guys and they still don’t convince you, move on with your life and be happy with it. Being happy is within you and when you least expect it, the right person will appear to make you happy as you deserve.

We all deserve a blue prince who treats us like the princesses we are, so value yourself and do not allow yourself to fall into games again. The day a man truly loves you, he will give everything for you and you will be the first and last thing in his life.

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