The reasons that can lead someone to be unfaithful are many. Lack of interest on the part of the partner, desire to try new things, sexual dissatisfaction, and a long etcetera. Today we are going to focus on what happens after the deception. Does everyone regret it? Is it good or bad for the couple? Four women say that being unfaithful to their partners is the best thing they could have done. We read their stories:

“Then I loved my boyfriend more”

Infidelity is more likely to happen in long-distance relationships than in couples who live together and share their lives under the same roof. When the members of the duo do not see each other often, it is more than possible that lovers will appear on one of the two sides. This is what happened to  Jennifer , who tells it in ‘Cosmopolitan’.

She and her boyfriend were in a long-distance relationship. At first she got along fine, but soon she realized that she was better off on her own. “She was happy without him,” she says. She hadn’t planned on being unfaithful, but one night she was at a bar and met a guy. She was a bit drunk. She went to her house and they did it . “Then I woke up at 4 in the morning, disgusted with myself. I left the apartment, clothes in hand, and wandered around disoriented until I got a taxi to go back to my house,” she says.

Jennifer and her boyfriend were in a long-distance relationship. At first she got along fine, but soon she realized that she was better off on her own.

At first, Jennifer regretted having been unfaithful to her boyfriend, but later she thought better of it and told herself that it was the best thing she could have done, since before the cheating she didn’t want to continue with the relationship. After sleeping with that stranger, she realized how much she loved her partner. “Ever since that night, I have been grateful to have my boyfriend. Also, now we understand each other better. If he hadn’t cheated on her, I’m sure our relationship wouldn’t have survived.”

“It made me realize things”

As in the previous case, this infidelity made the protagonist realize things. After cheating on her partner, she realized that her boyfriend didn’t appreciate her enough. The protagonist is  Ally , who tells her story in the aforementioned portal. “The deception made me realize that he didn’t care about me at all. He just wanted to be with his friends. I started going out with people, and it seemed like he didn’t care at all. He told me ‘have fun’. It seemed like he didn’t care that there was a possibility that she was dating someone else,” she says.

I even informed him that he was going on a trip with a boy, to Canada. Obviously, she slept with him. When he found out about the escapade, his boyfriend didn’t blame him for anything, he told him that it’s okay, that he had a good time. “That’s when I started to think he needed a change,” he says. After realizing the indifference of his partner, he left him.

“The body asked me”

The third story stars  Denise . She was also unfaithful, and she does not regret it. The young woman spent some time with her boyfriend, then she began a relationship with another boy. Then they came back, but she felt that she had betrayed him. Nonetheless, she made him realize how much she appreciated her mate. “I was sure I would marry him. But I think I needed to be with another man to realize it.”

“It opened my eyes”

The fourth protagonist,  Noelia , has told us her story. She started seeing another man when she was still with her boyfriend. After a while, she decided to leave her previous relationship. She doesn’t regret it one bit, and she assures that this affair made her realize that  she really didn’t want to be with her partner . “We had a life project together, we were going to go live… but I was unfaithful and I don’t regret it.” The absence of guilt feelings made her consider cutting off her relationship. She now has another boyfriend, she is also unfaithful to him, and she doesn’t care either. “It’s weird, but I feel better if I don’t belong to just one,” she says.

“The deception made me realize that he didn’t care about me at all. I went on a trip with a guy and he didn’t care. When I came back I left him”, says Ally

What if my wife cheats on me?

Although here we present infidelity as something that accompanies positive things, it is not always so. Perhaps the one who cheats feels good, but if the cheated one discovers the cake, we don’t think he will be happy in the least. However, there are various studies that ensure that people who have been cheated on have it better than those who cheat. The reason? They are able to detect future deception.

One of these investigations is ‘Intersexual Mate Competition and Breakups: Who Really Wins?’, published in ‘The Oxford Handbook of Women and Competition’, which determined that horny people tend to show a better ability to detect suspicious behavior , as indicated by the survey carried out with 5,906 participants in 96 countries.

But if you’re a beginner, you can’t realize that your wife is hitting it off with someone else. Once the deception is discovered and the reflection time has passed, the ‘cuckold’ must reflect on whether to  continue with the relationship or leave it . All those who think about it, should ask themselves the following questions:

  1. Would you like to continue with the other person if you managed to trust them again?
  2. Have you put anger and resentment behind you and are you ready to move on?
  3. Is there a  positive attitude  of the other?
  4. Can you imagine being happy with him or her?
  5. Can you forgive what happened?

The last one is the key. If you are able to forgive, really, go ahead. And if not, don’t worry, there are more fish in the sea.


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