They have been friends for a long time, they share many things in common, likes, ideas and sometimes projects. Common spaces, shared time and at some point they realize that something else can happen, but free, without commitment, without feelings involved, without established rules. It seems to be the perfect equation, but are you sure you want to risk the friendship you have with him? Will the friendship be the same afterwards? It would be good if you consider the answers before moving on.

Is a friendship between two people the same after casual sex?

It is not an occasional relationship, because they know each other well, they are friends, there is a strong bond of trust and even affection between them, they are called friends with benefit, because beyond friendship they have expanded the permitted range and have crossed the border of their friendship giving it an added value: sex. From so much sharing together they have gone to bed. It is not a relationship like all the others, because they have not dated, they have not gone through the preparation of everything that implies the process of meeting someone you like, the date, a dinner and starting the relationship. None of that has happened, but they find themselves sleeping together and many times even mutual friends don’t even know about it. It doesn’t seem important, because it can end at any time in the same way it started.

It all begins as a coincidence in which two friends make an agreement and give it continuity without knowing for sure what could happen. Neither party wants to think about the future. But how mechanical can everything be? What is there after sex in the middle of a friendship?

Clear rules are not established, everything is subject to chance and in this game of situations it is not known for sure what could happen. Depending on the character, the greater or lesser sensitivity of each one. There are people who have no problem separating the many. Friendship runs through one channel while the sexual-casual bond runs through another. Friendship remains at the bottom of everything, even if they break the sexual connection. By the way, they are the minority, because it is extremely difficult to keep friendship intact and prevent feelings from entering the field of play, especially when there is already a previous love (as a result of friendship), it is the most complicated.

The truth and the concrete is that in a friendship affection is generated through and with sex a bond is created. We can debate a lot about it, but the really important thing is that everything that is generated in that couple “that tries not to be” can harm the most susceptible of the two.

When affection is an important player and sex becomes part of it all, it is almost impossible for something not to be felt, for emotions not to be aroused, for a hint of feelings to arise beyond “just sex”. If this does not happen to both of them, but to one it may end up breaking his heart, when beyond sex he enjoys his company, the caresses, that closeness in which he has found something deeper. Sign that some things have obviously changed inside and it will never be the same.

One of the two parties involved, while the relationship continues, will feel that emotions inevitably take over the situation and will continue to wait for love to arrive for both of them. The other, however, will want to continue enjoying the sex that unites them without expecting anything more than that. The concrete thing is that in one way or another feelings appear from somewhere.

Is it worth the risk?

It is very important that you ask yourself this question before taking any step. If you are afraid of losing your friendship, if it is a very important friendship for you, for your life, weigh whether it is worth risking what you have to have sex without commitment without knowing if, after all, you can ruin that which is so beautiful to you. You know yourself, you know how you are. If you are able to cope with relationships without assuming commitments or if you are aware that you can end up falling in love and things turn out worse than you expect. You know who you are and how you are. Nothing happens by chance, don’t get into that vicious circle if you have no idea if you’re going to come out injured or unharmed. If you think it can become a dangerous game for you, remove your bets from the table before you hurt yourself. place on a scale,

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