During this article we are going to talk about the situation that is generated when we give and give, without receiving something in return. After this experience it is normal for you to feel sad, because you are not getting the reward you expect after the act of giving. You can also end up thinking that others do not deserve your dedication, since the act of giving without receiving always tires and wears you out.

If you are in this situation, it is best to try to get away from it, by delegating the obligations you had to other people. This is an exchange that can be unpleasant for you and may even end up destroying your mental health or you end up avoiding others, when they offer you help. The lack of reciprocity is one of the human behaviors that causes the greatest disenchantment and pain.

How can I know if I am giving too much of myself?

If you are in doubt, it is because there is something wrong. Some direct consequences that you can have are feeling tired, being invaded by sadness, disappointment or disenchantment. You may also feel that everything you do for the other person somehow becomes a burden, when it really shouldn’t be. In case you didn’t know, there are people who believe that energy can be subtracted by other human beings, causing you to feel much more tired than usual.

It is possible that depending on your personality, you have not faced this situation and that you have not dared to talk about it, even though it may be what you need to close. Another possibility is that the other person is aware of the problem, but is interested in continuing the same interaction. If you think this may be the case, then we recommend that you stop meeting his needs and see what is happening in the relationship. If your friend is selfish, then this will show, you just have to pay attention, so you notice. Chances are, he’s drifting away from you or he’s not as active in proposing that you spend time together.

Do you love yourself enough to give a lot with justice when you are receiving the least?

Despite what others may tell you, it is valid that you feel that it hurts you to give without receiving. Many times it is not the best thing to continue giving, despite not receiving the same in return. It is also not a good idea to constantly help someone else, especially if the other person is not interested in changing.

If you forget yourself, with the aim of helping others, then you will be condemning yourself to live without gratitude towards yourself, because the pillar of our identity is self-love and the foundation for our personal growth.

Another point of view about the action “giving” is that when we are helping someone, we are appreciating ourselves, in the sense that we see ourselves as capable of giving something that we have and that we can share.

The scenario is different when people take advantage of us because, in that case, we can feel foolish, so the relationship becomes a danger to our self-esteem and well-being.

On the other hand, if the person was with us through the bad times, then gratitude is never enough. So offering the good we have is an act of kindness. We can offer our feelings, acts, thoughts, etc. It is recommended that we keep in mind the values ​​of kindness and offering in our actions.

The power of reciprocity and gratitude

By experiencing the situation of giving without receiving anything in return, we can realize the importance of recognizing the value of gratitude.

Thanking others is a behavior that we should have on a daily basis, since there are many ways to do it. Some examples can be: a smile, having warm words for others or with our actions. The only thing that is clear is that one way of giving is through gratitude, so we can respond in this way to what we have received.

Balanced reciprocity is characterized by having in your case an exchange that is responded to with gratitude. Saying thank you or doing an act that “returns” what another person gave you, then, is to recognize that the person is valuable and that he deserves that we give him something, as a gesture of wanting to maintain reciprocity.

There is no better way to improve our health and well-being than with gratitude. It makes us feel validated, deserving of love, increases our self-esteem, etc. In good times and bad, we have the ability to feel comforted and content, we can find a way to continue giving and opening ourselves to being able to receive. Thus, our self-esteem is also increased, by feeling proud about what we were able to give to others.

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