Guaranteed pleasure: the best female masturbation techniques

Sex should not be limited to moments of personal intimacy with your partner,

You can also know your own sexuality alone. Being able to get to know your body in a very intimate way and its exploration will help you enhance the enjoyment of sex and discover what you really like. What? With female masturbation techniques, you will be able to have a better understanding of the orgasm and you will be able to tell your partner what really gives you pleasure.

The realization of several studies on female masturbation has shown that masturbation may be related to intelligence. What have they specified? It is believed that those people who masturbate frequently coincide with  a higher IQ and therefore these studies conclude that there is a relationship between the academic level of people and the frequency of masturbation. In addition, in the case of men, their immune system and the risk of infection is strengthened.

In this article we are going to learn more about the female masturbation techniques that will make you reach orgasm, as well as how often to do it and its great benefits.

Why masturbate? The benefits of female masturbation

Masturbation is a very personal subject and each woman must choose the most satisfactory way for it. Without a doubt, pleasure is not the only benefit of female masturbation techniques. What else is going to help us?

● Fall asleep        : you will be able to sleep much better, you will also verify that you will be able to regulate your sleep.

       The orgasms you get will be much more intense , having a better understanding of yourself.

       You will be able to reach orgasm more often, and especially if you try it much faster.

       Release stress : Say goodbye to stress! Masturbation will get you to a state of relaxation, once you get the climax caused by the endorphins released.

The female masturbation techniques that cause more pleasure

To get inspiration or try new techniques with your partner, you must first know the best masturbation techniques for you.   These are the techniques that do not fail:

From top to bottom:

This is a very simple masturbation technique to practice, causing you to focus on your clitoris .

The clitoris should be caressed with your finger very slowly and provocatively until your excitement increases, rubbing at that moment from top to bottom.

You must caress it with your finger very slowly until your excitement increases, and then rub from top to bottom. Do not go directly to the clitoris if you are not ready, you can stimulate the nearby areas first, and get closer little by little. To get extra stimulation, you can use  lubricants .

The sandwich:

With this technique you will use two fingers to offer you pleasure, the index and the middle finger. To add more excitement and stimulation, vary the rhythms and speeds. At the same time that you make this pressure movement you can give small blows to your clitoris with the other hand, or play with the entrance of your vagina to stimulate all the zones.

G-spot stimulation:

For this female stimulation technique, relax and lie down, and open your legs with your knees slightly raised. How it is performed? You simply have to insert your fingers into your vagina, yes, with the palm of your hand facing down. Then it stimulates the G-spot, located in the upper part of the vagina, with a rough touch.

Upside down:

As we can well suppose by its name to carry out this technique you need two things: to be lying  down and on the other hand, you will need to be face down where your head will   be slightly turned. Take into account your tastes, adapt the movements, vary the speed, until you reach the point that is right for you.

Keep in mind that in this position your knees will be slightly bent, so your clitoris will have direct contact with the bed. 

In front of the mirror:

Sit or lie near a mirror while you caress yourself and watch yourself at the same time. Enjoy the moment and recreate everything you want, the excitement will multiply while you watch how your own body responds to the different stimuli.

Crossed legs:

Cross your legs, thus increasing the pressure on your clitoris and vagina, heightening the sensations. In addition, you can also help your pelvic muscles by contracting and relaxing them while testing the different sensations that this transmits to you.

Other forms of masturbation: Sex toys

During masturbation, a large number of sex toys can be used to multiply the pleasure. The moment and sexual practice will determine which object is best for each moment. Some of the best sex toys for female masturbation are:

        Vibrators: Vibrators are the best known erotic games. These will be your great allies in those moments of self-pleasure, but you can also get that extra stimulation when you’re with a partner. Did you know that many are waterproof? They can be a great companion in the shower or in a relaxing bath. The best thing is that there is a large number of articles, with different features, types and colors. Looking for the perfect vibrator ? Find among our catalog the one that best suits what you are looking for. 

        Clitoris suckers: Clitoris suckers are revolutionizing masturbation. It is a toy that manages to stimulate the clitoris without touching it, by means of a very subtle suction. Some of them also add vibration to the head, making orgasms greater. Perfect both for more intimate and solitary occasions, or if you prefer to enjoy with your partner,   and even as a complement to penetration.  This product will mark a change in your sexual life and will turn 180 degrees. Where to find the best suckers? In Enjoy my toy you have a large number of suckers , of all styles, which one is yours?

        Toys for double or triple stimulation: More stimulation? Sex toys are going to be great allies to enjoy   double stimulation. Among them, double vibrators ,  double dildos  or  anal plugs . They are ideal if you want to include different types of simultaneous stimulation, so we recommend it in your moments of self-exploration or when you are enjoying with your partner. These are designed to stimulate various areas while you masturbate with a partner or masturbate alone. Where can you find these toys? In Enjoy my toy we have specific toys to achieve this  double or triple stimulation ,

Undoubtedly, getting to know each other intimately will make us reach climax… but by combining these techniques and sex toys you will be able to enjoy 100% of your sexuality. Do you dare to try it?

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