Apparently monogamous relationships have an expiration time in this new post-modern society, where anything goes. And that is reflected in the real life of couples, as well as in the manifestations of art in general. That is why it is not surprising that the Colombian singer Maluma hits a hit that is heard all over the world, which is about a relationship where she “has fun” with her lover until the sun rises, and runs to her house. . It seems to be a clandestine cheating relationship, where the lover/singer doesn’t ask her to leave him, the most common thing, but he knows that she will come back because of the supposed passion that they develop when they are together.

And this is how our current society is, where values ​​have been lost and almost anything goes. From the jealous person who kills their partner, she or he, because they believe they belong to them, to the new advances of the era free of restrictions, where everyone lives what they want to live, and at night they continue to sleep with someone they love. they no longer love, but they cannot find the way to speak the truth, face what is happening, and continue or end in peace.

The cynicism of our society reaches the point of making a hymn of what can further complicate the already difficult situation of a couple: “And if you hang out with someone else, the 4 of us will be happy”, implying that it is the new paradigm, the new way of seeing life, of being “Open Mind” or having an open mind that overcomes everything. But the truth, although it seems simple, it is not. Very few couples have been involved in open relationships where they can be with other people and at the same time be happy. Most enjoy it at first, when everything is new. With the passage of time, jealousy, distrust appear, and the quite logical fear of thinking that she or he now no longer enjoys the partner, but instead uses each other as a mechanism to be with other people.

This is how, after a short time, the fights begin, the anger and a whole chain of quarrels for what each one considers that their partner is doing wrong. And each one begins to have their secrets or tricks in order to be free of their partner’s anxiety. I’ve seen it hundreds of times in the office. And the story is the same: At the beginning it was great, it was an adventure, there was curiosity, a lot of mischief between the two, but all that fades after a short time, and the real problems begin in the relationship of two, who no longer want to be of 4, but that each one defends his “freedom” to continue enjoying what he wants.

Follow the lyrics of the song and tell us that this is the “deal”, so free, without any contract. But all that soon falls apart when mistrust or jealousy want to force her or him to stop doing what they like to do, which at one point was an agreement between the parties. By this time, perhaps one or both of you are already in love with the third or fourth person, and are seriously considering forming a new relationship with someone you don’t really know at all. Because seeing each other from time to time to have sex does not imply at all that this is a stable relationship or that it can last over time. And we must remember that falling in love is just a finite part that always ends, even more so when only sex is the means to express the bond that unites two people. Passion passes very quickly, and it is not uncommon for it to soon be replaced by another passion.

The advice then is to be careful with these exchange or very open relationships, because there is never a lack of someone who falls in love with someone they don’t even know, just because of the good treatment they no longer received from their partner. And in that vulnerable state it is very easy to lose the couple, and destroy the family. It is normal to think that this only happens to others, but never to us. But remember that the average does not lie: Most relationships like this, where a third or fourth participant is allowed to enter, as Maluma sings it, are unstable relationships, full of jealousy, fights, and mistrust. Only very mature people with a well-established relationship could overcome these serious problems, which far exceed the passion that can be achieved in open relationships.

Over time, these couples who allow others to get involved in sexual relations can almost never prevent sex from moving on to emotion, to feelings, and that way it is not very risky to predict that their relationship will have its days numbered. . There are very few human beings with enough maturity and loyalty to participate in being HAPPY THE 4 that can then stay together without suffering from jealousy and mistrust. In the song it seems that nobody cares what people will say, because all 4 of them like it that way. Maybe it’s a dream that at some point becomes a nightmare.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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