The intimacy of each couple is full of very satisfying positions for the man as well as for the woman, each one has their favorites; however, unlike girls, men are more predictable, since most share the same tastes in bed.

One of the positions they love is the “cowboy”. Men love to see their women upstairs, riding, dominating the situation, as if it were a horse, making a friction that fills them with pleasure and incredibly intense emotions.

1.  You look sexy

Your man likes to observe a lot, he is one of those who likes to see and admire what his eyes capture, so this position fascinates him, because it allows him to see your face and your whole body, but, above all, he loves to see you scream , moan, sweat, feel full and reach the maximum until you explode with pleasure. To better describe the emotions and sensations they increase little by little. The position is like a constant rise and fall, allowing your man to see your face throughout this pleasant process, from the beginning to the end, there he realizes how much you enjoy the moment.

 2. It is easier to climax

It is well known that due to the depth that this position allows you to reach climax more easily, it is easier to provoke that precious explosion in your head and in your body. In this way your partner is freed from the pressure, because he already made you finish, then his turn will come, and he loves and excites that idea, he will feel confident to ask for a “very special favor”, because it is his turn determine. He could, request the help of his wife’s mouth or some special position for him.

3.  Better lubrication

In this position, it allows you to lubricate yourself in a very adequate way, thanks to gravity, so he can enter, exit without any inconvenience and very efficiently. So we can say that the woman wins and the man too, this position suits both of them. They constantly kiss and enjoy each other.

4. Better view of your whole body

In this position your man can access a good view of your entire body starting from your waist, followed by the torso as such and without leaving your breasts behind, probably the main reason why he prefers this position, because he can admire, play , caress, bite and kiss, those breasts that he loves from his wife.

 5. You finish first


It is most likely that by practicing this position you will be the one to finish first, so your partner can stop worrying about not “finishing” and dedicate himself to enjoying the show that he loves, it is well known that when the man sees his wife enjoy the maximum of the good sex that he is giving him, he feels like a God that will fill their ego as you cannot imagine.

These are some of the reasons that make your boyfriend prefer to see you on top, and as you have realized, both win, so enjoy this position and make your man happy.

  6. It can easily touch your butt

This position is the most comfortable for him to grab with his hands behind. However, if he is a fan of your rear, this will not be the best position since the puppy takes the lead.

7. The rhythm of love

Even if you are on top, if he has strong muscles, he can set the pace by lifting you up and down. He can also take you by the hips and, taking advantage of this, the best thing is that you excite him by doing a sensual little dance.

8. You can also turn around


If you give a turn like a cowgirl when you are on him it will be a sensation that will be unlike anything you have tried before and I assure you that he will love it.

9. The power of friction

Being on top of him will allow you to rub against his chest, which will generate a level of arousal that will blow your mind. Besides, it’s very nice to feel his skin against yours, you and he will love it. Dare to try this beautiful position, since making love with the most important person in your life and being able to look into his eyes, see his gestures, see how he gets excited and how he looks at you will be a unique and very romantic experience.

10.The angle is  unique

Sitting on  top  of him is a very particular position that has its own angle of penetration, especially if you’re sitting (like a cowgirl). This angle of penetration that this position generates gives a unique sensation that you will not get otherwise.

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