Many women are broken by dark circles. Those purple and gray spots around the eyes that reveal many things about us such as when we do not sleep, or another of the symptoms of lack of sleep, stress and chronic fatigue are bags under the eyes.

Although many of these problems are hereditary, there are always very good home remedies that we can use to reduce the effects of tiredness on our eyes.

Why do bags form?

The bags are formed because of the retention of liquid under your eyes. Always remember to blink frequently so that they are always hydrated and so that the natural fluids are dispersed.

Eye bags are a telltale sign of exhaustion.

If puffy eyes have become a part of your life, you must first find its cause q. Eye bags are your body’s alarm screaming for certain changes and more rest. To get rid of them quickly use these natural remedies.

egg white

For this method you need to beat an egg white and apply it around the eyes with a brush, make a thin layer in the shape of an eye mask, leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water; Be careful not to make gestures, since the skin will be tight and can cause wrinkles.

The classic cucumber

A beauty classic is to place a slice of cucumber on each eye, this trick is as old as it is effective. The slices will not only give you a super nice and fresh feeling, but it also eliminates eye bags. Thanks to its vitamin C and silica, cucumber helps prevent fluid retention. It is enough to take the two slices, place them in the freezer and, once cold, place them over the eyes for 10 minutes and holy remedy.

alternative fruits

Other fruits that are used for this purpose, cut into slices and cold, are:

– Strawberry – Melon – Apple

Vitamin E oil

This remedy may sound a little less practical because you may think that it is difficult to get vitamin E oil but it is not, it is available in all pharmacies and if you cannot find it you can buy vitamin E capsules in “soft gel” format’ ( the capsules that have liquid inside) once you have obtained the oil, place a few drops of vitamin E oil in a bowl of cold water, mix and moisten with cotton to place them over the eyes for 20 minutes.


To lighten dark circles and bags, you need to prepare a paste with turmeric powder and water. Apply it on the bags and let it act for 10 minutes. Turmeric will help you reduce swelling and, in addition, it will give you a slight color that will especially hide blue circles under your eyes.


Well you should apply a slice on each eye, just like with cucumber, or grate a potato, extract the juice and apply it with a cotton pad, and let it act for 15 minutes. This alternative is much more effective but a little more laborious.


Lemon juice is super effective both to lighten dark circles and to reduce puffiness under the eyes. Apply it directly, alone or combined with any of the other tricks.


It never fails to reduce inflammation and its results are practically instantaneous. Place it on your eyelids and let it act to remove your bags. Just keep in mind that it works with eye bags due to fluid retention or fatigue, not with bags due to genetic causes.

cold spoons

Take a glass of ice water and place four stainless steel spoons inside, the idea is that you place the spoon over your eye for a few minutes, when you notice that it is getting hot you should remove it, place it in the glass again and while it cools, use another and so on for 15 or 20 minutes.

avoid salt

Salt makes your body retain more water than normal. The result is that you feel bloated. This is valid for all parts of the body, including the eyes. Eliminating salt from your diet is not easy, but it has many health and beauty benefits.

Don’t forget to read the nutritional information on packaged foods. Avoid products that contain large amounts of salt.


From Cleopatra onwards and going through queens and princesses of yesteryear who know the benefits of milk for our skin… If none of the previous tricks work, apply a little milk with a cotton ball directly on the bags under your eyes.

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