Sometimes it is difficult to recognize an orgasm. You might think she had one, but you can’t be sure.

In this article, you will learn how you can tell if she had an orgasm. But first, why is it so hard to figure out?

It’s different for every woman

The truth of the matter is that I can’t tell you what an orgasm feels like. Orgasm is a personal experience and varies from woman to woman. And the funny thing, for them it can also be difficult to recognize an orgasm.

Since I get a lot of emails from women hoping I can tell them exactly how to identify an orgasm. I would like to give a specific answer, such as “first, you will feel a tingling in your fingers and toes, and then after 15 seconds, your orgasm will begin!”

Trying to tell someone what their orgasms will feel like is like trying to tell someone what it will feel like when they fall in love; because everyone will experience this differently.

But here I will tell you some data, to be able to identify an orgasm

Anna 19: «Like warm water spreading from my clitoris to the whole body»

Catherine 24: “I have to say it’s like when you have to sneeze and no matter what you do it stays on the tip of your nose all f*cking day and then when you least expect it you finally sneeze and does it feel in every fiber of your body and it’s amazing? It is so. But in the vagina.”

Oriana 27: “A really good orgasm starts at the bottom of my feet and it feels hot accompanied by tingling, then it goes up your legs and everything builds up until there is a little explosion.”

Lana 34: An orgasm feels like nothing matters. All worry, responsibility and perhaps the feeling of guilt are gone. It is a moment where you feel that it may hurt a little but in a good way. Making you want more and relax. An orgasm is the moment where you let it all go and connect with yourself or someone else. 

What is an orgasm?

Now we know how different it can feel and experience for women. But what is an orgasm? How do you define yourself?

An orgasm is a feeling of intense sexual pleasure that occurs during sexual activity.

An orgasm is basically a feeling that is the peak of sexual arousal.

In the rest of this article, I will explain how you can recognize an orgasm. Here are some signs.

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#1 She loses control

The first sign of an orgasm is that she loses control.

  • She will breathe heavily
  • Your nipples will become erect
  • It will increase your heart rate
  • she will sweat
  • Your body will start to shake

Sometimes the experience can be more intense and she can feel sexual urges throughout her body all the way to her vagina.

The muscles around your vagina, anus, and bladder will be squeezed. There is a high probability that she will grab onto the sheets with her hands.

There may be so much tension in your body that you lose control.

This can be very scary for many women the first time. Surrendering completely to you, without control and what is going to happen. When she comes to experience that feeling of guilt, it is best to explain to her what happened.

#2 She is wet

Another sign may be that it will be wet. Yes, there is a good chance that she is already wet before orgasm because she is aroused.

Your body is producing this vaginal fluid because it makes penetration easier and more pleasurable.

But he gets wetter when he has an orgasm. So it is possible that you will ejaculate a clear fluid when you have an orgasm.

No, it doesn’t work like a squirt (like you see in porn movies) in most cases. But it is more like a drip because her vagina is too wet and to expel this liquid

? She may be embarrassed. 

Let him know that a wet vagina turns you on! It’s part of sex so tell him that everything is more than normal to motivate him to do it again.

#3 Her vagina is very sensitive

This can be a very clear sign that you had an orgasm. During stimulation, her body builds tension towards that incredible moment.

All the blood goes to her vagina. And her vagina and clitoris will swell.

After orgasm the area becomes hypersensitive.

You can tell this by touching her clitoris after orgasm. If you don’t have a good feeling or are very sensitive, you probably had an orgasm.

#4 She is no longer excited

The fourth sign that she has had an orgasm is that she is no longer aroused.

I already explained to you that your body builds the orgasm. When she is excited, she can only think about sex.

But after the orgasm, there is a good chance that that feeling will go away, and the feeling of arousal is gone.

sleeping or cuddling

Many women just want to sleep or hold you after orgasm. She feels happy, satisfied or even tired.

After the orgasm, she has a stronger connection with you and there is a chance that she just wants to be in your arms.


This is not always the case. After the orgasm, it is also possible for him to become even more aroused. If you want more… why not?

Give her the best orgasms

Now you know how to tell if she had an orgasm! The more you focus on her pleasure and her foreplay, the more control you will have over her body.

The more experience you have, the easier it will be for you to identify her orgasms and you will learn what her body needs to have even better orgasms.

For example, you may find that her body responds really well to a certain level of pleasure or a certain touch. Check out this article for more tips to give her stronger orgasms.

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