There are various aspects of your walk, and the good news is that most of what you do to make your walk positive will also make you sexy. Evolutionarily speaking, women evolved to find the most powerful men the sexiest, and so, in the eyes of women, a well-planned walk is a safe walk, it’s a sexy walk.

But they are not completely the same. You can also have an intimidating way of walking, like I used to have, and it scares people away from me… they think you’re a tough guy, a dickhead or a crank. That’s not the kind of walk you want to have to attract beautiful women.

You can think of the psychology behind a properly constructed sexy stance as: “I’m the biggest, most powerful man there is, and women can’t take their eyes off me.”

The funny thing is that when people know they are being watched, and their value as a partner is being evaluated, they automatically become sexy.

There is a wonderful video from the Discovery Channel that illustrates this beautifully, check it out here:

If you watched that video, you may have noticed a couple of things:

  1. Girls who know they’re being rated by how sexy they walk look really sexy
  2. Guys who know they’re being judged on how sexy they walk look really confident.

To a woman watching that video, those confident-looking men also look sexy. Those steps that she takes are attractive, captivating and really catch a woman’s attention.

But how important is this really?

It is super important!

Have you ever walked down a sidewalk and suddenly your attention was drawn to a girl walking towards you, or even to the other side of the street? Every time this happens, if you pay attention to her, you’ll notice that she has a fiery sexy gait.

And guess what?

You can have the exact same effect on women, if you manage to walk sexy.

Because you stand out before the others.

Because most guys don’t walk this way…they’re too scared. Or they never think about it.

But now you’re here and I know you’re thinking about this. So we are going to make you walk powerful, confident and extremely sexy.


The following variables make walking sexy:

  • arm swing
  • slow movements
  • exaggerated movements
  • thighs wide apart
  • Good posture / straight back
  • no side sway

Here, we’ll take a look at the main aspects of what makes your walk sexy, and how you can use them yourself to have your own style (and the effect you want on the girls you meet).

1. Perfect posture. Everything in your non-verbal language is related to your posture and your walk and this is no exception. You should walk with a straight back… the straighter it is, the more powerful, more confident and sexier you look to women.

And it’s not just your back, it’s everything. Make sure your chest is pushed out and up, your shoulders are back, and your chin is parallel to the ground. The better you work with your posture, your walk will be perceived by others.

2. Walk slowly. When you walk fast, you look rushed, rushed and not together. I have met people who told me that you have to move fast… we live in a fast-paced world! However, most of these people are not millionaires, billionaires, or overly successful in any way. It’s just a way of thinking that they adopted somewhere, assumed it was true and adopted this whole thing as a religion.

Some of the most active and successful people I’ve ever met move slowly, and do things slowly. They take their time. They are careful. And because they are careful, because they never rush or rush, they do things right the first time, and they save themselves a lot of headaches and hassles that my more rushed friends committed over and over again, as they run from one place to another trying to of putting out fires and solving problems that they only deal with, it was because they did things hastily and carelessly the first time and never thought things through.

Women are naturally attuned to this dichotomy: men who seem rushed are not in control of their lives, much less anything else, while men who seem slow and in control are in control of the rest of their lives as well.

When people comment on the speed of your walk, it should just be, “Gosh, you walk so slow!” When you hear that, take it as a compliment.

3. Slow movement speed. Related to walking speed is the speed of movement. No head shaking… no arm whipping back and forth… no sudden turns, abrupt stops or explosive starts. Everything should be…smooth. Gradual. Reviewed. But not artificial. If you look herky-jerky, you’re doing it wrong, so slow down.

Have you ever seen a really big, muscular, powerful man jerking around and looking, for all the world, like a little mouse making desperate moves? No… you just won’t see this. It is because men who spend time building their bodies have also studied a lot how powerful men move (or have done so naturally), and have realized that slow movements and conservation of energy (see: Law of Minimum Effort) makes them look like the most dominant men possible.

4. Exaggerated movements . Did you notice in the video How Stuff Works the difference between the man who walks normally and the man who walks sexy? That’s right… his movements were more exaggerated. His shoulders strutted more… his arms swayed more. They were the same movements as the normal walking man, only more pronounced.

This is how you want to walk all the time. Why? Because it draws attention and shows you, what you want when you’re in public and you can meet the girl of your dreams at any time (no time to switch to a different gait). A sexy walk with exaggerated movements is a peacock for its posture.

5. Arm swing. Have you ever seen someone “walking with a stiff arm”? That’s what you shouldn’t do, without ever moving. It seems really uncomfortable. Your arms should always be in motion, in time with the movements of your legs and body, and they should swing gracefully, like all the men’s arms did in the previous videos.

6. Shoulders strutting. You can’t have good walking style without a little swagger in the shoulders. It’s your shoulders moving up and down, one in front of the other, as you walk. The shoulder on the side of your body that is stepping forward should move down, while the shoulder on the side of your body with the foot firmly on the ground should move up, as the other foot moves forward. go ahead. Once your front foot is firmly on the ground and your back foot begins to move, your shoulders should change direction and start moving in the opposite direction of how they were moving… and simply repeat this gymnastics until you stop walking. .

The swagger in the shoulders should be exaggerated compared to the way most men walk, but not so exaggerated that it looks like you just got out of jail or says you’ll approach someone just to insult them. There’s a fine line between “sexy” and “intimidating” when it comes to shoulder swagger, and you’ll want to keep that line in mind. If you’re not sure where you are, watch the videos above again to get a solid idea.

7. Thighs wide apart . It sounds childish, but women find it sexy when you walk with your legs wider apart. They don’t actually THINK, “Wow, he must have insanely huge balls,” but they subconsciously find walking more sexually appealing, even if they’re not quite sure why.

The easiest way to do this: don’t let your thighs touch as you walk. You’ll feel a little awkward at first, like you’re sticking your legs out of your hip sockets (although you’re not), but you’ll quickly adjust. A week or two of feeling weird while walking… to a lifetime of looking sexy as an alpha male. I think it’s a fair deal.

8. Feet facing forward. Not all worlds do this, but you will notice that when many men walk, their feet spread out to the sides. I’m not sure why this happens exactly; It used to happen to me too. Human beings have evolved two different structures in their ankle joints; the more primitive joint structure involves three joints within the ankle, which makes it easier to twist and turn the feet for climbing, but not as efficient for walking, while other people have the more modern two-joint structure, which is less flexible for climbing, but more suitable for walking. So it may be that some of us who spread our feet have the more primitive three-jointed structure; I do not know exactly.

Since feet splayed to the side look a bit funny and affect the way you walk a bit, you’ll want to control this . Similar to keeping your legs a bit further apart, you’ll need to spend a few weeks feeling weird while keeping your feet as far forward as possible while walking, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll just have to double check on yourself from time to time , to make sure you’ve kept up the pace and aside from that you’ll now have a better walk for life leaving better, stronger and sexier impressions on everyone you meet.

9. No lateral sway. This is a point I realized recently, when a black belt karate instructor friend of mine asked me to walk and pointed out how he swayed me slightly from side to side as he walked. He pointed out that almost everyone does this, and it’s a trait learned in early childhood to protect against falls: Basically, you lean a little to the side your foot is moving, as a preventative measure to keep your feet moving. balance in case you slip…

But it makes you look less confident.

I had no idea I was doing this until he pointed it out. I immediately removed this from my walking style and straightened it out. You can do better by paying attention to your head as you walk; Does your head bob from side to side as you take each step? Should not. Instead of this, keep it steady and facing forward. The rest of your body will adapt to that. Still round your shoulders and swing your arms, but keep your head and torso straight, rather than veering slightly from side to side as you walk.

If this is too much to do at once, no problem, just work on a few of these at a time. Your brain will learn that this is how you should walk once you’ve been actively changing your walking style for a few weeks or a month, and you can move on to other of these points once you’ve mastered a few.


A good walk is not only good for capturing the attention of women.

It’s also very useful for appearing important, commanding respect from those around you, making your way on the sidewalk (except for a few men bigger than you and looking for a challenge, most people will move out of your way on a sidewalk when you’re on the sidewalk). walking this way, even most of the bigger men who aren’t looking to challenge you) and making a very strong first impression on a girl, whether you approach her on the street during a day game or in a bar or at a party, or even if he just sees you strutting down the halls at school or work or the local mall.

A sexy walk is an important part of being a sexy man; Improving your nonverbal language is an important part, and due to the feedback loop between emotions and the state of your physical body, walking sexy even boosts your confidence and makes you feel more sexy, powerful, and dominant.

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