The definitive guide to use the 69 position well (to have orgasms together)

The big 69 position is one that you are probably quite familiar with, having practiced it before, and perhaps seeing it in a video online.

In this article, you will learn several interesting variations of this position, which are guaranteed to give both you and your partner a great time.

As you probably know, in this position the man and woman place their heads on their partner’s genitals, so that they can perform oral sex at the same time.

It is a classic position that has stood the test of time; in fact, you can find it in ancient literature, as well as visually represented in many paintings and sculptures.

It can be an intensely overwhelming position, and one that can be quite interesting as you try to please your partner while she pleases you.

And if you want to know a little more about the position of 69, today I will talk about things like:

  • Learn to lick his pussy like a master
  • 69 basic positions.
  • 69 advanced positions (only for professionals)
  • Conclusion: you need your oral sex experience to be good.

You must perform a fellatio and cunnilingus (also known as blowjobs and pussy eating) helps stimulate some really sensitive nerve endings, such as those of the clitoris and the head of the penis.

It is an act of mutual love

When both of you are experiencing oral sex at the same time, it can be a time of mutual ecstasy.

(You’ll have to experience it to really understand it, as with anything related to sex.)

The 69 position is excellent as it is mutually beneficial compared to one-sided oral sex as both receive and give pleasure.

If you’ve had trouble putting this position into practice or haven’t even tried it, don’t worry.

There is one thing to keep in mind though: if you and your partner have a significant difference in height and/or weight, it may be difficult to do all of these positions, and you’ll need to consider these points.

Once you try the positions that we will teach you later and discover that the 69 position is not suitable for you and your partner, you do not have to worry: there are many other oral and sexual positions that are just as fun and can feel just as good. Anyway, by the time you finish reading this article, you will have all the knowledge to start 69ing like a pro.

Most people only know how to do one or two variations of the 69 position, so by having a wide arsenal of variations and little tricks that we are going to teach you, you will be sure that you are really pleasing your partner with something. new and exciting.

All the girls you will be 69 with will be completely amazed at your skill and prowess, and everything we will teach you now will change your sex life.

Learn to eat a cone like a master

Now, before I continue with the rest of the article, I can assume that you know how to give oral sex to a woman.

If not, you should definitely check out our article on how to give oral sex to a woman here.

The complete guide will take you from beginner to advanced in eating cones, as long as you follow the instructions clearly, and apply the techniques correctly when eating your girl’s cone.

You will learn to eat the cone correctly, which is one of the best things you can do as a man: you will stand out among the tribes of men who have no idea what they are doing.

So, let’s proceed with some basic variations of 69 to get started.

Basic positions of 69

girl on top

This is a fairly self explanatory variation and one of the most basic ways to perform a 69.

Basically, your girl will be on top of you while you are lying on your bed. Have her wrap her legs around your chest, so that her vagina is just above your mouth.

When he bends over, he should also be able to give you oral sex in this position.

And you should be able to eat her now, while she’s giving you oral simultaneously.

The advantage of this position is that she can control how much you receive, you how much she receives. You can also take a break for a moment, if things get too intense.

In addition, this position is usually much more comfortable than that of the man on top (which we will explain below), since the woman is usually much lighter.

Make sure you are both using your hands and mouth as best you can.

Caressing, fingering, licking, sucking, kissing… use all the tricks in your arsenal to maximize your partner’s pleasure.

man on top

This is pretty much the opposite of the girl in the top position.

With this technique, your girl begins by lying on the bed with her legs up and you straddle her chest, facing the opposite direction. Your genitals should be able to rest on her face, while you should be able to eat her from the top of her.

Make sure her legs are raised at an angle, where it’s easy for you to reach her pussy with your mouth.

With this position, your partner should be able to play with your balls and perineum (the sensitive area between the scrotum and anus) even more, since they are now easier to reach.

As I mentioned earlier, if you weigh a lot more than your woman, it might be a bit difficult to pull off due to the weight difference, as well as the possibility of crushing or injuring her.

by your sides

For this variation, both you and your girl will begin lying down, facing each other, with your heads at opposite ends (so you can give each other oral sex). Move closer so that both of you can start stimulating each other’s genitals.

Your head should be between your girl’s legs and vice versa.

From a bird’s eye view, it should look like a yin-yang symbol.

When you first practice this position, it may seem a bit strange compared to the girl or man above, as they are both on your side.

However, it can be just as fun and even more advantageous compared to the above positions, especially if there is a big weight difference between the two of you that makes either the man or the woman uncomfortable.

Also, if you plan on doing it for a long time, this is probably the most comfortable variation, since you’re basically using your partner’s thighs as a pillow while you’re pleasuring her.

Advanced 69 Positions (Pros Only)

standing 69

For this, you need to make sure that you are significantly heavier and stronger than your woman, enough to be able to carry her for a long period of time.

What you basically want to do is pick her up by the waist while she’s on her tummy, so that her cunt is right in your face and your penis is right in her face, while you’re standing up.

It can make the process easier if you pick her up while she’s lying on the bed, as if you pick her up while she’s standing up, she won’t be upside down and you’ll have to turn her over, which can be difficult if you’re not too strong.

Once you both feel comfortable enough, you can get to work.

This variation takes a bit of getting used to and learning to master the position as it requires a fair amount of coordination.

That said, this variation of this position is not for everyone.

But don’t worry, the following position will allow you to experience the benefits of this position, while making less effort and requiring less coordination and strength.

sitting 69

With this variation, you’ll start by sitting on the edge of the bed, with your feet planted on the floor. Have your girl come up from behind and over you, then bend over so she can perform an oral on you.

They should be able to move so that you can put your legs on your shoulders.

Of course, you can help her get into this position.

Your hands can support her legs on your shoulders, or if she has good coordination and strength, you can simply rest your hands on her butt or wherever you like.

His cone should be right in front of your face at this point, you can get like a hungry dog ​​now!

This position can be a bit challenging, but it is definitely much easier and requires less strength and less conditioning.

If you later want to go to 69 standing, you can simply grab his legs and stand up!

more advanced positions

If you want to find even more challenging variations on position 69, check out this video:

Conclusion: Your technique on how to satisfy her with your tongue must be good.

The 69 position should definitely be a staple of your sex life.

Whichever variation you like best or is most comfortable for you, pleasuring each other at the same time orally is extremely satisfying.

You can start with the basic 69 positions, like male/female top and side 69, and once you’re comfortable with that, you can move on to advanced positions, like sitting and standing 69.

Advanced positions can be a lot of fun; I guarantee you will impress any new girl with these variations on 69.

As I mentioned earlier, being able to give oral sex like a pro is basically a prerequisite to doing 69 right.

It’s no use if you can do these positions, if in the end you can’t use your tongue well!

You can read this article I mentioned earlier, if you want to learn how to eat or lick a girl’s pussy like a pro.

Once you can give oral sex, and pull off multiple variations of the 69 position on the girls you sleep with, you might even get the word out and have to fight off unwanted advances from your friends.

If that’s something you’d like to see happen, it’s something you have to decide…

It all depends on your dedication and commitment to learn how to please a girl in bed.

Anyway, if you have any questions or comments about the 69 position, oral sex and related topics, feel free to leave them below.

Try these tips with your partner and, if you’re ready, you can try using the Master Method of Sex tricks. Download it here.

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