We all know that (AmanteTotal.com) is a great resource to learn how to bring a little more love into your love life, and I think it is important to be prepared for all the success that you will soon have, and not just with the woman of your life, but in all the things you have set out to learn. And just as poor people who win the lottery quickly lose their winnings, men who suddenly find their hard work paying off with women remain vulnerable to certain subtle pitfalls.

As one of the few guys in this corner of the internet who has avoided all sorts of negative outcomes and heartaches, as a result of my thinking about all of this, and finding out what I wanted early, I consider myself to be in a great position as to share with you what kind of mindset will be most useful to you when you begin to improve, and see results with the opposite sex.

As we have mentioned many times, or as you have learned from experience, or will at some point in your journey, drama sucks.

Some people who enjoy drama, for reasons I’d love to talk about on the forums, but this article is for people whose idea of ​​having a good time is simply enjoying their time with women and exchanging laughter and positive feelings. This article is for the guys who understand that their own happiness is more important than wasting time with pettiness.

Fortunately, any boy can easily learn to keep the drama at a proper distance, that is, away from himself and his life. There are many ways to do this, ways I’ll briefly outline before giving you the golden ticket to a drama-free life with lots of mistresses. Yes, there is such a key and, while it may be simple, it is not easy.

But the guys who want happiness enough will go to great lengths to achieve such freedom!



So here we go; Five ways to avoid drama:

 1. Avoid Group B women (borderline women, a narcissistic personality, or other personality disorder).

Yes, they are often monsters in bed, but one of the best pieces of advice I received was “Not all the love, not all the money, to women.” The dramatic consequences of allowing Group B women into your life, which you should never do if you want happiness and peace of mind, can include anything from false accusations, physical abuse, children you never wanted but want. now you must pay a monthly payment until they leave, to the University! Stay away from group B; they are not worth the effort for the temporary appeasement that you mistakenly believe will make you happy. Be happy and you can lose years of your life, if you don’t realize this simple truth.


2. Be discreet.

Women operate on a completely different social level than most men will realize. Any man can learn to make his way into what Tyler Durden once called “The Secret Society” until, naturally, he becomes a part of who he is. One of the easiest ways to cause drama with a new adventure is to join their social circle or explain your intentions to their friends and/or family . Then you will have to deal with all of them instead of just having fun and making your day what you want without having to explain yourself to anyone for any reason.

3. Respond appropriately.

There is no better way to deal with drama than to ignore the behavior in a way that makes the point that a boundary has been violated, and that you have better things to do. The drama will tell you how the boundary has been violated, demanding or implying that you should change your behavior to better suit you, or explicitly stating and processing the rules of interaction.

All of those things suck and are generally unnecessary. NEXTing is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. People will treat you exactly how you let them. If the girl doesn’t get the hint and you have to follow her over and over again, it’s time to move on to someone who behaves in a way that makes you feel good during your interactions with her. Which brings us to…


4. Ruthlessly and without remorse, “eliminate” anyone in your life (this includes women and people you call your friends) who prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Regardless of your intentions, people will have the same vision as you or not. Surround yourself with like-minded people whose inner worlds and outer goals are similar to yours, and remove troublesome people like a surgeon would remove a tumor: coolly and unemotionally, knowing that if the tumor remains, eventually everyone will die. body will suffer Like NEXTing, managing this “social scalpel” gets easier over time. At first, one or both of these tools may make you feel bad, guilty, or you may experience another emotion. But stick with your decision and see how much your life improves in a day, a week or a month.. The more you see how these tools allow you to live life better, the easier it will be to use them, until you get to the point where they are a natural part of who you are and how you operate in the world.

Okay guys, here’s the biggest one. The golden ticket I mentioned earlier. Are you ready to learn how to keep drama away from you, no matter if it’s from friends, women, or even family? Here it goes:


Simple, but not so easy: Your vision is your priority, not women, and definitely not “seduction”.

I have met men who have nothing better to do than practice “The Seduction” all day. Men who have slept with hundreds of women but can’t hold down a job, have nowhere to live, and have no social circle other than other “pickup artists”; And guys, that’s not how you want to live your life.

I know there are things that matter to you, causes that move you deeply, ideas that excite you. Follow them! They are related to your mission, your purpose, which will become more and more clear as you follow the beat of your own drum.

Once there is something you are living for that is bigger than yourself, a change that you are actively working to bring about in the world; an idea that you are seeing to the end; a business that you are driving towards success, then none of the little dramas can get to you.

All you’ll notice is “Hey, someone is trying to pick a fight with me, but I’d rather listen to music / fix my website / make money / etc.” And it will be EASY for you to just walk away!

If you would like to just walk away from people who are trying to cause drama, and respond with a smile on your face and without an ounce of energy for whatever they want from you, then you must find your path and your mission.

Now guys, this is not to say that you should avoid people who try to start a conflict with you. Not at all, conflicts happen and the best way to deal with them is usually to face them honestly . What I’m saying, though, is that the way the other person approaches the problem with you is what makes the difference between whether you make a big deal out of it or tell them to go to hell.

I make mistakes all the time and sometimes communication mistakes happen. But no matter how nice the other person is, I won’t get involved with them if they approach the subject in a dramatic way. I avoid any words, insults or emotional “charges” or anything like that, and I walk away and wait for them to speak to me with respect.

As I mentioned earlier, this is important not only with the women in your life, but also with your friends and even their family if need be. I don’t care who I’m on the phone with, if they raise their voice, I hang up instantly and ignore any flurry of texts that come my way for a period of time, usually 3-7 days, depending on the severity of the problem. Guys, this is how you will effectively and peacefully teach other people how you will allow them to treat you. Setting your limits is one thing, but like anything else in life, actions tend to speak louder than words.

There are many reasons why a young man might be interested in learning how to include women in his life romantically: for a girlfriend, a wife, polyamorous relationships, friends with benefits, one night stands… but it doesn’t matter! People treat you the way you let them, and these skills will improve not only your love life, but ALL areas of your life that involve dealing with other people.

Now, I can already hear some of your questions and I will do my best to answer them:



Good question!

An even better question is: “What behaviors will I tolerate or not tolerate in my life?”

This is a completely personal decision. You may not mind someone raising their voice at you or rummaging through your belongings. I care, and both are SERIOUS offenses to me. But I cannot define for YOU what YOU want in your life and how you want others to treat you.

Sit down and write a list of the behaviors you don’t want to accept from other people, and then start responding to those behaviors in the ways described in this article. Your life will immediately change for the better!


I’ve heard that these things work, but only rarely. As I mentioned before, living together takes away a lot of your relationship management tools.

If the woman you live with is giving you so much drama that you can’t take it anymore, don’t do it! Leave her and go find someone who treats you better. There are incredible women EVERYWHERE who would be with you for exactly who you already are.

Your job is to weed out the masses and find the ones that are compatible with you. There is no shortage of women in the world.



If you agree that your own limits and your path in life are your highest priority to reach your full potential, easily! FOLLOW and plan correctly, these behaviors that will help you improve your social life. Some people will never understand what you mean to them, and those are the ones you should always be on the lookout for if you can’t eliminate them or help them understand what you will and won’t tolerate.

I encourage you to adopt the behaviors that I have suggested, to have peace of mind and the joy of living. In addition, it hides from everyone’s view that in this article was the key to a goal much bigger than mere seduction: effectiveness in any field of your choice. Whether you’ve got it or aren’t quite ready to hear it yet, either way, I’m sure we can agree that your own personal happiness has a high priority, above all other people.


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