An elegant woman is one who knows how to show the beauty that she clearly carries, one that despite the years never fades. That is what her elegance is all about, knowing how to wear it no matter how old you are, without the passing of the years being able to intervene. Elegant women know how to take care of those details that make up their image and appearance. We tell you some tips so that you too become one of them.

1. Find your own style

Find the style with which you feel most comfortable. Each woman has her own style that characterizes her, because it is that with which she identifies and feels herself, so much so that she becomes part of her person. We speak of our own style when the way we dress, the type of accessories and footwear go with our personality, with the woman we are.

2. The right accessories

Once you identify your style, be sure to add the appropriate accessories to it. Keep in mind that each look requires a type of accessories, so it will accompany your hairstyle, your makeup. If you wear, for example, large earrings, your necklace should be discreet and vice versa. Elegance does not depend on the number of accessories you wear, but on the way you wear even the smallest detail. Simplicity is synonymous with elegance.

3. That the tacos do not dominate you

All the elegance you wear can come crashing down if you don’t have enough control over the heels you wear. It is preferable that you use discreet studs if you do not know how to handle them. Elegance is not measured by the height of the heels, but by the way you are able to wear them. You can perfectly wear not so high heels, with a fine shoe design that will leave you elegant anyway.

4. Makeup and its important role

Never think that the best makeup is the most ornate. Also, do not think that the makeup for a party is the same as the one you can wear for a job interview. Day makeup is not the same as night makeup. There are styles of makeup, also according to the personality of each person and the type of clothing and event for which you dress.

Remember that the best makeup is not the one that transforms you into another person, but the one that rescues your best attributes while being yourself.

5. Nails

It is important, because it is the first thing you see. Well-groomed hands are one of the characteristics of elegant women. They keep their nails impeccable even when they are at home.

They don’t have to be super long, they just have to be according to how you prefer to wear them and paint them the color that goes with your style.

6. Your wardrobe according to the occasion

Be careful what you are going to wear for a daytime event. It will not be sequins that you should go. What is for the night has its moment. Even if it is an important event, look for a suit or blouse according to the occasion.

Neutral, less striking colors are for the day. The night does require more glamor and you can play with everything that makes an appropriate wardrobe without being recharged. Do not go out of your style, even if it is a special occasion. Remember that less is sometimes more.

7. Good posture

At all times it is essential to look elegant. Walk upright, looking straight ahead.

8. The way you talk

The way you express yourself, you address others says a lot about you. Good manners, greeting correctly, being attentive, grateful, everything counts.

9. It is not necessary to show so much

Do not think that it is sexy to show too much, much less elegant. If you are going to wear a short skirt, remember not to wear a flashy blouse, because your skirt already is.

The neckline can be a good or bad option depending on how you decide to wear it. If you are going to wear it, make sure the pants or skirt are not short or flashy. Also the occasion counts, there are times to use them and there are times when discretion is essential.

10. The wallet

Keep in mind that it should match your style, with what you wear on that occasion, with the shoes. It is always good that they are the same tone as your shoes.

11. Combinations

Always remember that large designs do not go with stripes, prints do not go with stripes, they only go with something plain. If you have a blouse with large designs, the skirt should be discreet and vice versa. Colors are also important, because not all combine in the same way.

12. Tailored to you

If that size doesn’t fit you, don’t wear it. Nothing that appears bigger or smaller and too tight. It looks bad and does not speak well of you. Maybe, depending on the brand, a garment M can be S and vice versa.

13. Height

Height means a lot. There are clothes that fit better for tall women and others for women of medium height. According to the legs, the neck, the torso. Everything is important and makes your elegance.

14. Age always counts

It is true that one is elegant at any age, but it is also true that each age has its best clothes.

If you are over 35, surely you will not wear a makeup with fluorescent colors that do not go with you, nor will you dress in a miniskirt to go shopping.

You will know with which outfits and accessories you will feel more comfortable according to your age. “Elegance does not mean standing out, but being remembered”. Giorgio Armani.

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